New Snells vs Old Snells

I need an advice on new Snells.I owned type B for 13 years and looking for similar sound.I heard that new Snells arent as good as the old ones.Anybody familiar with type B sound knows what i'm loking for.
I spoke to the tech guy at Snell a few months ago. He has
B Minors, as I do. He said he didn't see any reason to get something new in the line.
I've heard that the Coincident Total Eclipse might be the way to go, if you like the Snell B's, though I've never actually heard the speaker. They're also the Absolute Sound choice in their category. The driver configuration is similar to the Snells, too.
i have had the CV's for a few years which sound similar to the B minors.Recently i listened to the XA series when the upgrade bug hit and wasnt too impressed with them.The new line does not have the same quality as the old since Boston Acoustics took them over.IMHO
I think the B&W Nat. 802's are a good replacement for the B's. A smaller footprint with a full sound, Also, they don't require the expensive cabling as did the B's. MHO