New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 
Even the Fideliums are sentitve to vibration.
The top of my amplifier is always removed, exposing the
speaker connections inside, at the rear.

I attached some clamps to both sets: the ones
connecting the cables and the unused ones.
So, one clamp covers the l and r channels of the
former set, and a second clamp connecting the
two posts of the latter.

The sound has become even clearer, with better focus.
Have had mine for about 3 weeks. By far the best speaker cables i have tried. Cant wait for the interconnects..A reviewer friend of mine thinks the same..
I am just past two months with the Fideliums and just as pleased now as in the beginning days. I won't be selling my KS6063 because they are to good to part with. The Fidel's won't be on the Gon' either.

I tube roll, digital cable roll.....why not IC & speaker cable roll too.

Room Treats - M. Green & mine
Sony Transport
Snake River Audio Boomslang
Illuminati D-60
HFC Reveal
Shunyata Z-Alpha Digital Power Cord to DAC
Decware ZDSD DAC/Transformer output stage
Kimber Select KS1030
Snake River Audio Mamushi (pending)
XLO Power Cord to ZMA
Decware Zen Mystery Amplifier (ZMA)/25th Anniversary Mods
Current tube roll: Ediswans/inputs-THE Telefunken's/inverters-Tung-Sol
quad 7027A/power tubes
Kimber Select KS6063 Speaker Cables/8ft
Silversmith Audio Fidelium Speaker Cables/6ft
Acoustic Zen Adagio/Modified/Single Capped/ Mundorf MCap Supremes
MiFlex Caps (pending) for Adagio's
Kimber PK-10 Palladian Power Cord from wall to PS Audio P3
DAC & ZMA run direct from HC outlet/P3
Transport regenerated only
I would say that these cables are very good, great at their price point but not the best cables I have heard. Would not hesitate to recommend unless the client was willing the pay the significant increase in price to get to the next tier.
@audition__audio lets hear it then, what cables are besting the Fideliums?