New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 
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Do you think you'll get around to testing these with your other speakers before the 20% deal ends at the end of this month? I'm sure many of us would be grateful for a little more feedback on these cables.

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I've already weighed in on how these sound, and I'm not a trusted source for that kind of feedback here, so I'll not belabor it. But I can give you some info on cosmetics. These cables are somewhat delicate. I'm sure they are tough enough, given their covering in a laminate. But whats inside that laminate is a sheet of metal foil. Not as thin as a sheet of household aluminum foil (roughly twice as thick), but foil all the same.
I was putting mine up on risers. I'm using these Audioquest Fog lifters. In that process, while one cable was still on my wooden floor, I dropped one of the risers, and it landed on a cable. Now that cable has a pucker in that spot, that will never be removed. There goes that flawless golden ribbon. Still works fine, of course. And does not look that bad actually. But it's no longer perfect. IMO if you are one of those people that refuse do buy a used item here if the cosmetic condition is not a 10, then stay away from these cables. But if you can put up with the inevitable crinkles that will  happen in handling, and gently-gently pulling them through cabinet openings and such, then they are wonderful.
I'm not in this hobby to show off my gear. I'm in it for the sound. And these perform remarkably well in that regard. I just sold a pair of Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cables that I'd been using for years, and they were  in good condition. So I know being careful with a speaker cable is possible. And on some - like Nordost's - it's practically required, if you care about cosmetics. On these, somewhat more so.
However, if you are one of those people that do like to show off their gear, there's no hiding these things. A pair of 2 1/4" wide, shiny gold ribbons running from your gear to your speakers is not something you'll easily hide. Even more so if you put them on risers. They show themselves off. Brilliantly. And IMO, look wonderful.

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I'm intrigued by Silversmith Fidelium cables. After plugging them into your Spendors, do you think they would fit on Harbeth SHL5+ ?

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They will fit undoubtably, the flat ribbons have a thin flat  (metal ?) conductor with a “ cutout” to fit into your binding post ; as spades do. Just screw them down; they’re pretty sturdy. Also, the designer informs me that the “ideal” sound quality emerges with the conductor side FACING the binding posts of both speakers and amplifer!!