New silversmith fidelium cable

You need to try the speaker cable. It is a complete game changer in the audio industry. Probably the biggest improvement ever in sound quality and realism. These will impress audiophiles all over the world. 
Wonder how the compare to Nordost, which is what I am currently using?
They replaced my Norsodt Blue Heaven LS cables, and their improved imaging and realism is absolutely jaw dropping. 

"Tried everything over the 25+ years and nothing has made this much improvement in sound reproduction. When I say everything I mean top brands and show winners that we all talk about."
I've been a budget minded audiophile for 40+ years myself, and this is only the third time - in all that time - that I've made a change to my system that was instantly audible, and left me with absolutely no interest in wasting time A/B'ing. If you have a well resolving system, to not hear this, you'd have to be deaf.

1. Major break-in required?
2. The prices have changed.
3. Looks like they're planning RCA & XLR ICs.
I don't think the prices have changed...silversmith is currently offering a 20% discount to the listed prices and I think the price of $795 for a 6 foot pair quoted in a previous post is after the discount.

I just received a 4 foot pair of these today and must say that they are very, very good, not even considering the relatively low cost compared to other top flight cables.  I would highly suggest purchasing a pair while they are 20% off.  My guess is the list prices will go up.  Silversmith has a 30 day trial period, so you only have the shipping costs at risk.