New Shure earphone line

I've been reading hints of a new Shure "SE" earphone line of products, perhaps replacing the "E" line. Do any of you know the details, how sound will compare, dollar for dollar, will family sound change, etc?

I checked but no details yet, sigh.


ps: let me know if you notice a sellout on the older models :-)
Update: I emailed Shure about this. They said they are posting the information about the new line TODAY, and so they have:

Also, has some early reviews. Seems like they like them, but there are good alternatives too.

I was hoping for a simple answer.

Also I was hoping for some big markdowns on the older "E" models, it seems that they are not going to be so quick to eliminate that line.


Go to for reviews, impressions, news on the new Shure IEM line. Also, there will be lots of the older series for sale at good prices in the For Sale forums even though the new series is identical to the older one in all but the 2 lower end models.