New Shunyata Sigma Digital and Interconnects

Has anyone tried out the new Shunyata Sigma Digital or  Sigma interconnects?   They seem to have had a lot of thought put in to their design, but haven’t seen much discussion on them.
I have both the Sigma Digital (well two of those) as well as Sigma interconnects in my rig (Dac > Pre > AMP).

I upgraded from Shunyata Anaconda in all cases, including power, which is now all Sigma as well. (I still like the Anacondas and have them in another system, but they sound very laid back, almost veiled, compared to the Sigmas.)

The interconnects brought my system to life: more detail, more dynamics, sound in the room and not from a speaker...such clarity and smoothness to my ear...not veiled like the Anacondas, just clear and organic. It was a worthy, tho expensive upgrade. 

I will say that the weird glass piece on each Sigma IC is much larger and heavier than I expected, so it was kind of a pain to route them.

The Sigma digitals are also excellent and a big step up from the Anacondas. Sigma coax is very good, but the XLR is better to my ear. Again, just more detail without harshness, more 3d sound, etc.

I've been using Shunyata for years, mostly because of their price > performance ratio. So, I haven't heard a lot of what is out there, but I also haven't really felt the need to. The only other brand I have is Transparent Ref speaker cables, which I got with the Sophias.

My speakers are awfully revealing and each additional Sigma cable I added was very noticeable in a good way.

System is: Sophia 3 speakers, Pass Labs xa25 amp, CJ ET5 Pre, Aurender N10 player, PS DS Dac., Shunyata Power Conditioning, etc.