New Shunyata Helix : They sound great to me

I have been borrowing a some Power Cords from the Cable Co. for the past week or so and thought some of you PC junkies might be interested.

A little background first though..... I don't have a lot of experience with aftermarket PC's and always kind of thought the whole idea was a little extreem. Then a friend brought over some cords (Silent source, TG Audio Silver's) and put them into my system. Wow!!! OK, I get it. Big difference.... I better check this out a little more......

I called the Cable Company and they sent me Shunyata Python and Taipan VX/Helix cables, Nirvana analog and digital and a Purist Venustas (since the rest of my system is wired with it). First I tried the Shunyata Python on my CD player (honestly, because it looked the coolest). There was a big-time change in presentation. I was looking for a more analog, smoother sound with some midrange bloom like I get from my tube gear. I got this in spades along with a quieter background, better resolution and less grain (that I didn't know was there to begin with). Then I put the Taipan on my pre-amp and I got even more of the same.

The other cords I have on loan do some things well but none can touch the Shunyata's overall. The Helix' are just more musical.... I can't believe I'm setting here saying a PC is Musical but that's what the experience is.

Sorry I can't compare these new Helix with the older models (and I really am interested to hear if the new ones are that much/any better) but as I said I'm pretty new to the PC game.


PS My friend with the Silent Source/TG Audio PC's wants to sell them so he can invest in the Shunyata stuff(maybe he'll chime in on this too).
I was suprised how much better the Helix series turned out to be comparing new and old style Anaconda and Python
I've had a chance to compare the Python Alpha to the Python Helix Alpha. I find the Helix version to be more even handed tonally (less lean on top, richer, more open midrange, and deeper, better defined bass). Although the Python Alpha is a fine pc, I found the top end slightly lean, which enhances the sense of transparency, and the bottom end slighty thick in comparison. The Helix version does a better job of presenting all frequencies in a more even and cohesive manner.

A new review of these cables has just been posted on

Actually, this is a review of the speaker cables and interconnects, not the power cords. The power cords have not yet been reviewed.