New shipping charges at Amazon

Has anybody noticed that Amazon vendors are now charging $3.98 for shipping? It's been $2.98 up until now with no discount for multiple items, so they were already making money on the shipping.
I buy used CDs and these vendors have been my number one resource for years backed by the Amazon guarantee. I just bought 4 CDs for $15.00 and the shipping charge was $15.92.

So does anybody have a favorite site to buy used? (In US with return policy). What about discogs for used?
goHastings is pretty good. They only charge .96 per item
shipping. I have bought a ton of stuff from them on the
Amazon Marketplace, but now just buy direct from them.

I also saw the shipping price increase on the Amazon
Marketplace. The old $2.98 was fine for CDs, but I think the
LP and DVD sellers were angry. Amazon needs to breakout the
CDs from the rest of the items instead of grouping them all
The gohastings 98c shipping is only a special they run every so often.
Harri009...This is taken from their website under the
Shipping Information tab:

"The shipping charge for Movies, Music and Video Games
is based on a "Per Product" flat fee. (i.e.
shipping charges for 3 movies would be $2.88)"

I have ordered numerous times and have only been charged the
.96 flat fee per item. I even ordered a few LPs and was
only charged the .96 flat fee. Maybe I just got lucky.

I actually just went on their site and added a few CDs to my
cart and sure enough .96 per item shipping. I really think
it's their normal charge.
According to Amazon's FAQ they charge $2.99 per order and $.99 per item. So if you buy more than one cd, dvd, etc. from the same seller the shipping charge will be lower, $4.97 for two items, for example. Buying one item will be more, $3.98. That's how I read it anyway.
Tomcy6... the private sellers charge per cd or dvd, no discounts for multiple items. They are also selling them at a lower cost than Amazon. This info is on their "Storefront."
I have been paying $2.98 shipping for many years but it's been worth it when the cd is half the price of Amazon.

It also seems to me that Amazon has been raising their prices on CDs lately.
Amazon has also been raising the LP prices. So I have to say once in awhile the Amazon price is the retail price, but often it is much higher.
I never accept what price Amazon shows unless I verify it is the average retail price elsewhere.
As for the increased fee? I am not buying many low priced use CDs anyway, So I can just buy locally.
So, anybody buying from discogs new or used?
For those who buy classical music, it is worth checking out Presto. I find that occasionally I get much better prices from them than from amazon, and you do get a discount on shipping when buying multiple items.
Thank goodness they finally started to move pricing upward to leverage their preeminence in the market. They are not going to be moving the stock price by growing market share as they have in the past so it's time to start monetizing the existing traffic in a way that benefits shareholders.
Could be in anticipation of the internet transaction tax being discussed by the rocket scientists in Washington. A new Federal internet tax would definitely affect Amazon and most of the small retailers out there..
What viridian said in plain words: ""Amazon is out to rip customers off while they can get away with it.""

That only lasts so long though. Soon enough they will be crying "what happened to our business" While the CEO floats away on his Golden Parachute, and investors cry.
LOL! I think that people can read my words without interpretation from those that live in a capitalist system and feign outrage at companies that make a profit.

Amazon, even with the increases, is hardly ripping people off. It's those that spout drivel that cause the problems.

Since you are such an expert on retail, might I suggest starting a business. I am sure that Jeff Bezos will be crying in no time.

Here is a chart of Amazon's profit margin by quarter:

With a little practice, you should be able to make even less profit than Amazon.
Viridian, Thanks for posting the chart showing amazon's profit margin. What scoundrels, pirates they are. Why, for the most part, they are operating in the black. Typical behavior for 1%'er's. How do they sleep at night?
What's interesting is they have killed off the competition so there are few comps in their space, but look at the margins at ebay for instance:

Of course, ebay doesn't sell products, but a service, which is a completely different model. But if one wants to take pot shots there are better places then Amazon to aim at.

Look at Wal Mart, the preeminent mass market retailer, which has not been fairing too well, they also maintain much higher margins:

My view is quite different. I believe that Amazon has actually pushed down prices almost across the board for many commoditized items, much as Wal Mart did. I don't really know if that's a good thing though. They left a lot of carnage in their wake.
I just noticed that myself and I do ( did ) buy allot of disc's through Amazon. I was averaging about 3-5 per month....the overall increase is $1.01 so it is now a $4.00 charge to ship a single disc. They are no longer competitive and I will find somewhere else to buy my music
Viridian, if I follow your reasoning, I think your comment is very insightful and is something that has occurred to me as well. We all seek low prices, but in the long run, our interests may not be well served by driving prices to the lowest possible point. Unintended consequences = carnage.
"I believe that Amazon has actually pushed down prices almost across the board for many commoditized items, much as Wal Mart did. I don't really know if that's a good thing though. They left a lot of carnage in their wake."

I believe that. But by their recent price increases, I think they'll soon learn that there are other players in the market. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for alternatives.

Thanks, Brownsfan. Presto looks to be cheaper than Arkiv.
Look at what happened to Netflix when they got greedy.
If you ask me, Amazon's rate for shipping used, third-party music and movie items is a bargain. If you buy a lot of items frequently, then you might want to consider Joining Amazon Prime; then you don't have to spend at least $25 to get free shipping. This applies to used music and movie items too.
What got my goat was Amazons practice of breaking up shipments into groups instead of just one shipment (when it came to CDs and DVDs). They tried that once with me and it set off a mini campaign of acrimony on my part that was followed by all sorts of excuses on their part. It never happened again.

As for the price increase, I guess with that 1/2% profit that they're choking on they didn't notice what effect it would have. :-)

Monopolization has always ended up in price increases and lower customer service since, de facto, they're the only well known game in town. Amazon just wants to become another utility, like the gas company. No one looks for another source of gas.

All the best,
Nice try, Sgbaird, but see this:


Items fulfilled by Amazon Marketplace sellers.
Magazine subscriptions.
Personalized gift cards.
Any item that doesn't have a message indicating that it's eligible for Prime on its product page.
To anybody interested...

Import CDs is an Amazon vender but has their own site. Shipping rates are $2.98 for up to 2 CDs, then $1.49 for each additional CD. Prices are slightly higher on but it's a good site when buying multiple items.
Nevertheless, Amazon still has a strangle hold on the CD/DVD market.
I may have missed it in one of the previous posts, but the increased postal charges for THIRD PART SELLERs (what used to be called Z-sellers), increased one dollar. I'm sure this was at the request of these sellers to cover their shipping costs. I think it will prove a double-edged sword, as in many cases the increased shipping charge will bring the reseller price very close to Amazon's list price. I never pay shipping at Amazon because I aggregate my orders in batches of $25 or more and get the free Super Saver shipping. SO if a reseller has the item at $6, and Amazon at $10, I will get it from Amazon.