New sheriff in town: Luxman D-10x

Luxman D-10x SACD / CD player

Looks great on paper. Other than the SACD / CD/ MQA CD disks spinning, what’s intriguing for me is its DAC, with a brand new chip I have never heard before. If it is really as good as some initial owners report, this would be a SOTA all-in device for both disk spinning and USB DAC streaming.
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I have had mine for a month.  Significant step up from the D-08u.  The DAC is so good that it replaced my Chord DAVE.  
I was thinking that you owned Accuphase gear?Are you still running Tell-Q cabling?
Happy Listening!
Serious question. Are Aphiles still buying $15,000 CD players or CD players in general?

We all know the truth now, the cd format players/sales are a  <<thing of the past>>> 
The DAC thingy/streamer deal has steered consumers away from the higher end cd players.
Of course we know Jadis still has super high end cdp/DAC's at $$$$$. PL makes a nice tube player/DAC. 
Not sure what sales numbers are like for ither lab's units. 
Shanling now offers a  3.2 player./Cayin offers a new Mark2. 
I am near making a  shootout twix my Cayin cd17 Mark1 /upgraded vs the Shanling cd3000 upgraded.
maybe next month. 
I am very happy with the Cayin upgraded and look forward to hearing how the Shanling performs with its Mundorf/Sparkos-labs ops.. 
This will give me 2 <<world class>> cd players.
I think Luxman needs to reconsider the price offering. 
With the economy as it is, folks are on a  budget.

I doubt that respective to the unit in question that Luxman is targeting folks that are generally needing to worry about their budget.