New Shelter 901-iii

I am interested in upgrading my Shelter 501-ii and the 901-ii has been recommended by a couple of dealers. I am wondering why it is difficult to find dealer ads for the 901-ii, and also if anyone has experience with a supposedly 901-iii. I am having a ridiculous time learning anything about this. A Japanese dealer at the Cubes forwarded this link to me

and I found this on the Shelter web page, but even Axiss folks know nothing. Is this a myth?

By mid-April of this, I was released with 901 Ⅲ. 先日のお知らせのような構成ですが、ほぼハーモニーの楕円針仕様といった再生になると思います。 I think it is such a configuration of the recent announcement, and will play almost harmony and elliptical needle specification. 定価は税込¥178,500で、針交換価格が税込¥126,500です。 The price is ¥ 178,500 in tax, needle exchange price is ¥ 126,500 tax.
以前の701シリーズや501、501Ⅱ等当社の全てのMCから針交換が出来ます。 You can replace all of our needle from MC 701 and 501,501 Ⅱ, such as the previous series.
I used the Google translator "accelerator" and found the translation difficult to understand but it does clearly speak about a 901 III. So it appears to exist.
it says:

New product
Due to the requests of re-production of 901 series, we produced TYPE3 of SHELTER MODEL 901.

Currently in the special bargain price - 128,100 yen.
some more details...

the Mark III has the same stylus as the Mark II.

the biggest change is the cantilever, which is now a harder aluminum, similar to what is found on the Shelter Harmony.

the Mark III was designed for more stable performance.
At current exchange rates, 128K yen is more than $1500. Be sure you want it.