New Shanling CD-T300 Cd player WOW.

Hi Audiogoners
Did anybody see or better hear the new Shanling player?
Tube output stage,fully balanced,Philips CDM4 tranport,custom made solid aluminum alloy chassis build to high tolerance,eight Burr-Browns PCM1704K,four 6922',separate power supply,SACD capable,limited edition of 300 worldwide.7000$ price tag.I LIKE IT.Chinese made gear is really getting very good.Consonance Droplet is another fine example.
Keep the tunes rolling.
Yioryos,offered with good cheer,slow down! What do you mean by WOW? It's kinda cool looking but we have no idea what sounds like yet. Another aspect is that at 7 grand will it compete with other CDPs in its price bracket sonicly? It might turn out to be a world class piece but its much to early to come to that conclusion yet. Some of the products coming out of China sound great and are true bargains (Usher speakers as an example) others are not in my experience.
I'm supposed to hear it today at Audio Gallery in Sacramento. If I can get Chris to put it on the GPA Monaco and carbon shelf, it might be a treat.
TeaJay Hi
I agree with you,well said.Just note that the specs are good ,the looks and build are even better.Wondering if anybody had any info on it.
Let us know of first impressions.
Yioryos , I have my eye on it as well. I like futuristic , modern art and if the sonics come close to its look then I will give it a serious audition. Anyone who gets a chance to hear it in their own system i would like to hear your comments.
I have one. It looks WAY cooler in person then it does in the photos. And the stand to hold the acrylic top platter is awesome. From beginning to end this thing is first class and every last detail has been considered. It comes with rubber feet and points, which are interchangeable, 2 remotes for single use as well as in a full shanling system, power cord (no need to replace this one), and a separate power supply that rivals Musical Fidelity in every way. it also comes in a serious flight case with even more serious packaging inside. And it begs you to turn the room lights off while you listen. It looks like it's gonna just fly right off the table and hover in mid-air.

Speaking of Musical Fidelity, I also have a Tri-Vista which I have been running head to head with the T300 since I got it. It's equal in every way and it's superior in several key areas. Shanling's use of the tubes output is done better and with better effect then M.F. in my opinion. I've never heard a digital source sound more like analog then the T 300. Compared with my VPI Super Scout Master it's tough to decide which I would rather listen to. Although with a nice clean LP analog still has the edge.

I'm keeping the Tri-Vista for two reasons. One, I love those cool glowing colored feet (I know, I'm pathetic) and the second is the SACD, which is beyond compare. It'l go into my office system.

For now, other then considering the DCS system (which is just obnoxiously expensive) I'm sticking with my T 300. It sounds even better then it looks.

Mattnshilp, thanks for your informative mini-review on your CD-T300. Would you be willing to share with us the other components in your system? Have you ever tried other DACS/TRANSPORTS or CDPS in this price range in your home system? Thanks.
I re-read my last posting and wantt o make something clear...

I've had a Mephisto IIx, Arcam FMJ CD33, Levinson 39 (I think that's what the number was), Meridian CD player and now the Trivista and the T 300.

The differences between all of these players is minimal overall as they are all superior products. I've come to enjoy the added "analog" sound that the tubed output players offer and have found myself sticking with them. Just my personal preference. Dollar for the dollar the Arcam FMJ CD33 is clearly the walk-away winner, costing almost half as much as all the other players and performing almost as well in every reguard. But you do get that last bit of performance for that extra investment.

My system includes the above sources as well as the Super Scout Master I mentioned, a pair of BAT VK-60 monoblocks, Hovland HP100 pre-amp and Verity Audio Parsifal speakers. I'm using a combination of Acoustic Zen and Audience cable throughout and currently using the PS Audio UPC-200 power conditioner (but I am eyeing the Audience product).

Hope that helps. But we're lucky these days. Top notch CD players are finally offering us performance that is worth the investment. Of course, I'm still not ready to give up my LP's...

Happy Listening.

Mattnshilp Hi
Thanks for the info.You got a very nice system!
I agree , great system matt
I'm happy. It's a perpetual work in progress. I'm toying with the idea of a TACT 2.2 room correction product to "fix" the room issues I have (my wife won't permit acoustic treatments).

Any opinions on electronic room correction?

And anyone else with experience regarding the Shanling CD player. I don't want to kill this thread by changing the subject... Someone else has to have an opinion as well....