New setup

Hi, I am new in the audio world.
My setup is Aurilic Aires G1 connected to a DAC, and the DAC connects to a Marantz Av 7012. My speakers are all Klipsch: Front 8060 and subwoofer and center.
I would thinging to improve the quality of the sound buying an integrated amp, if it is possible. I have been doing some research (my budget is around $5k) my choices were: Accuphase e380; Anthem STR and Mcintosh MA 5300.
Can anyone help me with this decision? Is it worthy?

Is your plan to insert the new integrated amp for stereo listening using the HT bypass feature or do you just want to add an outboard amp to your HT system for more power/impact?


Now of course it is your $$$ and you can spend it any way you want but even though I am a huge Anthem fan and the STR integrated is on my "wish" list, and I think they mate very well with Klipsch (RP's, RF's, Heritage), I really don't think you need a $5000.00 budget to get where you want to be.  For less $$$, maybe look into a Yamaha A-S1100 or A-S2100.  Rock solid builds with a slightly warm of neutral signature and plenty of headroom with your Klipsch RP's.  I have often used my Yamaha A-S1000 to drive my Klipsch RF-63's in a 5000ft3 room and am floored how they sound together.  Plenty of bass drive with it's "only" 90w/ch@8ohms.

That is one of my problems today with the Marantz is the lack of bass and deepness. Interesting when I started my research Yamaha was the first that come up Yamaha A S3000. After reading the specs and reviews I decided to remove the Yamaha.
I will test the Yamaha. I will need to look for a dealer who accepts to send one to me to test it before I decide. 
I think any of those would be an improvement. Getting an integrated with HTBP for two channel listening will be a significant upgrade over using an AV receiver. I can’t speak to all of the units you mentioned, but our local music club meets at a local hifi dealer and we have listened extensively to the Anthem integrated with both Klipsch and Tannoy speakers and it sounds great. Yamaha’s integrateds would be on my short list also. You might also consider one of the higher end integrateds from Marantz.
" Interesting when I started my research Yamaha was the first that come up Yamaha A S3000. After reading the specs and reviews I decided to remove the Yamaha.  I will test the Yamaha."

Believe me, the published specs for the upper tier analog-only Yamaha A-S integrateds is definitely on the conservative side.  These amps are dead quiet, even with the high sensitivity Klipsch speakers and punch way above their given power numbers.  I have used many 200w/ch@8ohms stereo amps(Acurus, B&K, Anthem, Sunfire, NAD) and believe me my Yamaha's 90w/ch holds it's own up against them.

In my younger days as an audiophile I much enjoyed Yamaha separates. 

No one can tell you the outcome of comparison of these if they have not used them in comparison. Preferences determine nothing in terms of results. I'm afraid you will simply have to conduct adequate research of resources on them and try to hear... 

I tend to agree with greg that any of them would likely be an upgrade. However, again, only comparison would tell if/how much. If you want more flexibility to manage the sound and typically higher sound quality at price point, look for separate pre/amp. If you are doing a lot of video I can see an integrated, but if primarily two channel, I would push for separates. It may take a bit more cash, but the rewards can be much higher sonically. There is a HUGE spectrum of performance, and separates usually gets you much further along. 

Enjoy your quest! 
Among the three brands you listed, Accuphase would be my first and last choice....I currently own E-650.