New Scout & MH MM-7 or old Linn Sondek. ?????

I'm torn up. I have a line on all three of these TT's. The Linn has all the upgrades, and i can get it for $1200, (which is a steal, right?). However I would like to get something new. What's all the rave about this old Linn setup anyway. Wouldn't a brand new VPI Scout, or Music Hall-7 be just as good, if not a little better? I want to make the right choice, becouse I don't want to buy another TTagain.
My personal opinion is that the Linn Sondek will outperform either of those other turntables that you mentioned.

It must be set up properly, and be in correct working order to do it.

It is a fussy turntable about set up, and may not be for everyone, but it will sound very good when it is right.
My 20 year old LP12 still sounds better than all but the most $$$$ tables I've auditioned. As my disposible income went up, I tried to find a more expensive 'table. I couldn't find anything under 8-10k which brought me more musical pleasure, so I gave up trying.
Twl is right about it being fussy, but once it is set up it'll give you years and years of satisfaction.
Hm, interesting answers.
Personally, from my own experience the last 10 years, I never had the 'luck' to listen to a good sounding LP12.
Well, maybe the two above me have absolutely no idea about a good sounding turntable ot they have found the wonder I always was looking for.
Normally it is coloured, low dynamic and is super sensitive with set up, when opening a window, the sound changes and and and.....
One time a found a real competent Linn dealer who made the best set up with the Lp 12 I ever listened to. That was acceptable, well, at least for me.
That's my opinion, I know, there are some out, who think different, and for some it's maybe a kind of religion, was never able to follow this line .....
Well, I've certainly heard alot of other very good sounding turntables, and own a Teres 245/OL Silver/Shelter 501 right now, so I guess that eliminates the possibility that I "have no idea what a good sounding turntable sounds like".

Perhaps since I was the main TT setup man at the audio shops that I worked at, and was trained in Linn setup by "the man" at Linn, that I was able to properly set up my Linn and get good sound from it.

It is an older design, and is not on par with the finest turntables of today, but it will still do better than the lower level models and entry level models from these modern turntable makers. It has it's weak points, and being fussy is one of them, and so is the coloration, but it is musical and can provide good enjoyment. I think at the prices that they are selling for used, they are a good value. But the setup is critical to get the most out of it.
I'm a bit offended by the statement that I don't know "what a good sounding turntable sounds like". I've listened to many of the available TT's out there, and auditioned a few of the VPI's, Regas and Sotas in my home system. While I found the sound satisfactory in most of them, I didn't think the price difference was worth dumping my LP12.
I do agree about the "fussiness" issue. I have mine serviced and set up by a "pro"- I don't think it's a good idea to have the set up done by a "novice".
My Linn sounds great, too. And I've heard quite a few. I don't know this rant about having "absolutely no idea about a good sounding turntable" is supposed to accomplish. Babyz didn't ask about $10,000 turntables. Most of us can't afford such, hence the market for Linn, MH, VPI, etc. Of the realistic and affordable choices given, I'd go with the Linn. [my attempt at being "nice" and not using the "f" word]
Thanks for your input. What is the big deal with the setup? Is this TT (Linn) going to make me nuts.
I like to tinker around a bit, but I'd rather just listen to my records. I'm building a wall mounted, granite based shelf for my next TT, to minimize room vibration. Will that be enough? $1,500 for a TT should be enough for any one with regular ears to fully enjoy whatever some record company spent to put on the vinyl. $10,000? Even if you have the dough, seems a little silly.
Babyz-The Linn won't make you nuts. It's just a little bit tougher to set up than some other TTs. I bought mine used about 12 years ago and have had no problems with it. I do have a pro install the cartridge and, while it's there, check the belt, cords, etc. So far it's needed no repairs. If it hadn't needed a new cartridge from time to time, there would have been no need to remove it from it's stand.
Mine is also wall mounted, which made an incredible difference.
I agree that $10K is silly (until I hit the lottery).
Don't be afraid of the Linn. Buy one and spend the other $8500 on vinyl.
I knew that something like this was coming, and I don't care.
I think, it is more important to know what is going on, and personally I think, it is more silly to invest in crap than in things, which work.
Some designs are better than others, independtly from price. Why are you crying about a 10k turntable ? A full modified LP 12 is expensive and it that good that most of them were sold from their owners, for super low prices, any idea why ?
Just my 2c.
Well Thomas. We've heard very clearly that you don't like the Linn turntable. Perhaps you can suggest which of the new turntables that he is considering, that will beat the sound of a used Linn Sondek/Valhalla/Ittok for the same price. $900 - $1400.

That was his original question.
At that time owned a cheap Roksan with a Tabriz Zi and a Chorus Black, a Michell Gyro with a Rega and later one of the normal Well Tempered's .....
Most bought used, each one of these sounded much more real and balanced, and the Dynamic Range was something total different.

Any way , I am intelligent enough to know in what direction a question is going, and I never pushed a product in my mails and I never was a dealer or made money with that. And But I still think, a Linn player is nothing remarkable ....
And a good design has nothing to do with a price ?
Or ?
Babyz- Thomas' implication that the LP12 is crap shows where he's coming from..... It may not be the greatest TT of all time but no one would call it "crap". I would also take issue with the statement "most of them were sold from (sic) their owners". If this were true, you'd see a lot more of them for sale as they were the largest selling "high-end" TT of all time. The facts don't support his assertion.
If you get a chance to buy one for a good price, do so. Use some of the money you save and buy yourself a VPI or Nitty Gritty record cleaner (IMO a necessity, not an option).
Thanks for all of your input. I purchased the Linn yesterday. Will receive it in a couple of days. I'm excited, but have a nagging feeling about that VPI.After all it's brand new for the same price. I'm sure that it will be fine. I really don't think if you spend more thatn $1,500 your going to get that much more improvement. If $1,500 doesn't get you all the sounds that are on the record, than somebody is takeing you for a ride. But, that's just my opinion, I'm new to this high end audio reproduction thing. Thanks again!
Nice table and welcome to the audio addiction.

1500$ for all the musical information??

You might wanna bookmark this page for a future chuckle or two :)
Read the new Streophile report on the VPI Scout.
Congrats Babyz on the linn. But you will over time, because as you say, you are new to hi fi, find that you can indeed get better for more than $1,500 for a turntable arm combo. The trick is to find the best for the lease amount of your hard earned $$$$$ ,if you can't afford a Rockport. It is a great time for vinyl playback. The cost is comming down because of the tech. advancements. I think now you can get very close to world class in the 3 to 4k range.
If your Linn is set up properly, Babyz, I doubt you will regret the purchase.
I was at the Stereophile website and see no mention of the Scout. Nor do I seem to find it in my hardcopy 1/2003 issue.
Where is it published? Thanks..
the scout review is in the new issue..feb.