New scam on the internet????

I think I have experienced a new scam thru the email today, so I would like to warn you all.

The email is posted as a invoice from Paypal ( indicating that a transaction has gone thru with an individual in the amount of $300. It looks like a real thing with all the detail on it. At the bottom of the invoice, there is a "DISPUTE TRANSACTION" button.

I thought my Paypal account may have been hecked so I click on that button and it brings me to the Paypal log-on screen asking for password. A thought came to my mind. I opened a new windows and go to the Paypal site directly and lon-on from there. I didn't see the "NEW" transaction. OK. Case closed.

Someone just try to steal your Paypal password if you log-on thru their link.

So beware!!!
Thanks for the tip.
The same exact thing happened to me two weeks ago. Scary, I too came to my senses before logging in from the e-mail link. Good thought to post this, spread the word.
Something similar happened to me last week. I received an email from 'service@paypal' requesting an update of my account info, ie credit card & bank info. I then looked at my account thru a new window & found there was no such request. Its scary to think about all the people who fall for this all this crap.
I got one like this saying my ebay account had been compromised. It looked "exactly" like ebay. after a couple page flips it asked for account name and password, "bam" they got me. I went staight to ebay and changed my password. I sent the link to and it was indeed a fake. Be careful out there.
I received a similar email asking me to agree to pay $189.00 for a Rolex watch (what a deal!) or, failing to agree, provide the "necessary info." to allow for dispute resolution. It did indeed appear to be "offical." I cancelled my Paypal account at that point. Imagine the time and inconvenience to dispute charges to your Paypal account. I now send money orders or, if the item (usually lps) is not too costly, concealed cash.
I've got these, too, as well as "mandatory account update" spam/cr@p/bs from "my" credit card company. Almost always some hysterically mispelled word that is a dead giveaway.
Paypal is well aware of this kind of scam and has pages on its website that discuss it. An important thing to look for in such emails is that actual emails from Paypal always open with "Dear (your name)", not "Dear Paypal User" or "Dear Paypal Subscriber". Another ways you can check is to view the full header of the email message that will indicate its true origin, unless that's been spoofed. Instead of deleting such messages, I tend to forward them to to help them fight phishing, as it's called. If in doubt, forward the message to and wait for an automatic reply before clicking on any links in the message.
Dtsag ... the ongoing advice remains ... still ... NEVER click open e-affixed links to sites ... even if familiar to you. Always type in the desire site location. That particular Paypal e-mail has been sent to me several times these past 12 months ... and I don't even have an account with Paypal. Regardless, I think it's wiser to assume that such contacts are not in your best interests.
The safe thing to do is to assume all such communication is a scam. I have trained my junk filter to junk all of it.
I got one of those the other day. Beware!!!
I love to fill out the name and password fields with all manner of obscenities directed at the scammers. I suggest everyone else do the same as well.
Whenever I get one of these emails I click on the link. When prompted for my password I type something like ""
I heard a sobering statistic yesterday about phishing success. NBC reported that 70% give their personal information to these crooks. No wonder I get about three of these a day.

Vhuang, I did the same for a while, but if most are giving real information we are just noise.
Beware there is a scam artist who goes by the name of mark or dave who has been selling stolen property on here, ebay and other sites.
If you have fallen victim to his lies and loss of money or property please call the Police Station who is now investigating this individual.
Do it soon if you want recovery. To file your own claim please call Hamilton station 30: 905-546-4930/4931 or fax: it: 905-546-3830
Dont beleive everything you hear or read.
Get to know the person first.