New Sason's Wow ...

Robert give us the lowdown and here I thought I was done ....
Where can you hear these speakers?
RMAF in a few weeks time
what's the lowdown?
i see they raised their prices quite a bit.
no kidding...tough times in the raw granite market i guess...
Hello Pat.

Yep, the Sasons have been upgraded to Sason Ltd/Si. Several things:

The Si designation stands for (S)hort Version (you have the tall version...) and (i)mproved.

The cross-over componentry has been upgraded. Woofer is still an 3rd order electrical/acoustical filter and the Tweet is still a 2nd order Electrical/3rd order acoustical and the whole network is still very simple and elegant with a very low parts count but it's as large as most high end monitors - bigger than many, weighs more than most high end monitors and costs as much or more than most high end monitors. But, not as big as that last sentence - geez!

The cross-over is seated in the back pillar of the speaker stands.

The wire harness has been upgraded to an impedance matched Poiema!!! R-v3 Signature version but with a slight difference: Woofer section uses 7.5 gauge silver conductors and the Tweeter section uses a hybrid 18 gauge/9 gauge silver harness arrangement.

The cabs are now made of a material we've dubbed Rothenite Granite. It's a synthetic stone with a very high percentage of granite aggregate. This is way beyond yer Corian type materials. Even visually it's very difficult to distinguish from stone granite.

The cabinet also sports the addition of a bracing structure to capture and brace the huge motor of the mid/woofer.

The goal of these upgrades was not to change the character of the Sasons but to improve on their strengths. That definitely happened and I'm very pleased. A side bene' I wasn't expecting is the break-in. They still take our recommended break-in period but, before where they sounded pretty ho-hum till they were about half broken in, the Si sounds pretty amazing right out of the crates. Then they just get better. Pretty cool!

Maybe a little obvious but if you look, just a cursory change in the support materials - Images, info materials and so forth. I've been pretty buried with client projects and getting ready for RMAF so more thorough updates will happen after the show.

Abruce: Yes, if you're at RMAF, we're exhibiting with Ultra Fi in room 437, Marriott Tech Center, pop in and see us. Beyond that, you're (or anyone) welcome to schedule an appointment to visit Ridge Street Audio and hear the Sason Ltd/Si. We're in Northwest Indiana. Love to have you by and I'm sure you'd have a good time. Everyone who's been by so far has wound up staying a few more hours than they planned. (Paul: I haven't forgotten you. I'll be contacting you after the show...)

So, there you go for now. Hope to see some of you all at RMAF.

Robert, Will you be exhibiting at either CES or T.H.E. Show?
Did you ever get your big listening room completed?
To ask a dumb question, someone has to, how short is short? The web site gives the new dimensions. Having got an idea how large the old ones were, I would like an idea, just how much smaller the new are, thanks
Hi Don.

No plans for CES or T.h.e. Show.

Abruce - not sure what you're refering to but THIS is our listening room. I'm getting older and I seem to be getting smaller so the room does seem bigger?

Hi David.

The older tall version was 24" tall (sans cones) while the Si is 19" (sans cones). So, the Si is 5" shorter. The width and depth remian the same and the bass tuning is the same, i.e. equivelent internal volume. The older taller version housed the X-over in a sub-compartment in the cabinet. That's basically what's been taken away and the X-overs are now in the speaker stand's back pillar. Am I answering your question correctly?

Kind of down and dirty but HERE's an Si image.