New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"

Santana has a new album out; since it's not quite jazz, and I'm not sure if it's Rock, I'll just throw it up for grabs and see who likes it.

Africa Speaks is inspired by music from the continent of Africa, and has been called a "unique fusion of rock, Latin and jazz". Many of the album's tracks were recorded in one take. The album features vocals from Spanish singer Buika.

Africa Speaks was released on June 7, 2019 by Concord Records and Suretone Records, but this is the first time I've seen it on "you-tube"

Since it has been hard for me to find anything by Santana that I didn't like, I'll refrain from expressing my biased opinion.

What do you think?

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I am just in this crazy world for the third order harmonics
multiple negative comments on a recording never heard is small minded reverb
I listened thru Tidal. Nice with some fire and groove in spots. Not the last word in dynamics if that is all one looks for. Some great interplay for sure.
Looks like we found somebody with a bigger ego than Carlos....
Compression for radio is just capitalism at work. So now you are pissed at the very God you pray to ?

some of us actually own compression tools and use them - with a light and deft touch, unless the artist and producer wants the heavy hand. Not normally at a small studio for economics.

also, for the vinyl freaks and RtR fans there  are many forms of compression, so intentional some not.

of course the same cuts at 33 vs 45 sound different- wonder why ?????
And I don’t have a spot in the small chorale mobile rack for a compressor, nor would I want one there.... but there are limits to tape and a killer A2D has far better undistorted dynamic range.