New Salk Loudspeaker- Soundscape JR

Hello I have heard this is a possibility for all of us that may not have $10,000+ to spend on a speaker .This model would have the Raal riboon tweeter,
Accuton 5" ceramic mid driver ,and a very high compliance
8 " woofer in a very similar style Jeff Bagby designed
passive radiator that will do a clean 30 hz in the $6k area.THe cabinet is Jims baby and the crossover Jime talented team. If this is something that may interest you then let Jim know about it ,for Jeffs passive radiator system is the only one that distributes bass evenly.
The other 2 drivers are a dream come true !!
I would be interested in something like that. I have Jim's Ht-3's which I love, but may be a little to much speaker for my room.
"...for Jeffs passive radiator system is the only one that distributes bass evenly."

Could you elaborate?


dealer/manufacturer/thinks highly of Salk speakers
Snopro- nice system, but you forgot to list your Celestron SCT. By the way, the Lyrids are peaking tonight.
Wow, SnoPro, you *do* have a very nice system! Looks like the room has been properly treated, too. I bet those HT-3s sound terrific being dirven by that Spectron Musician. Good on ya, lad!

I'm seeing a Soundscape 10", 12" and "C" but no "JR".
Thank You, Blkadr and Rlwainwright. The system has really good synergy.
In my room the Ht-3's go down to the low 20's, which can overload the room some what at high volumes. Otherwise it sounds wonderful.
Blkadr, you know your telescopes. I haven't used it for awhile.

Sorry to go off topic!
Hello t all, the Salk Soundscape JR is a possibility for all small to mid sized rooms where Bass can sometimes overload the room like mine.If you feel this could be your room Email Jim
at jim at salk sound dot com this applys to all even if you don't have
Salk loudspeakers at this time but may be looking , look at the quality in every facet of the design including the drivers everything is well thought out including the Box or cabinet ,many companys just throw in the drivers with some foam ,with Salk speakers myself a guy who used to do my own mods I was looking for a company that leaves nothing to chance in the build without the commercial markup.from cabinet , to Xover, to the quality and type of drivers they are all vey well thought out here ,
in commercial brand speakers the dealers get close to 50% markup .Why should I have to pay for this ?
By buying direct more money goes into the speaker
for less money, the middle man is eliminated !!
I am also interested in the same question that Duke has asked you.
Yes go to Salk sounds website and on top under News
scroll down to the 3drd one Volume 1 issue 2 you will see information on the Soundscape speaker it says passive perfection Jeff Bagby and the whole formula as to how this Highly sophisticated passive Bass system works.
While you are at it read the Whole breakdown for each driver, for the Jr is mainly this speaker . By the way the 12" Soundscape not only beat but destroyed the New Wilson Sasha eveything about it is better .The 10inch driver is a $30k speaker for $10k
If I had the cash I would have bought this in a heart beat
The Jr will get you 95% there for under $6k !!

How did the Soundscape 'destroy' the Wilson Sasha?
I've heard the Sasha and it is very very good.
The drivers are a far better quality for starters . The mdrange is where close to 75% of the music is and the Accuton tweeter is exceptional and far more accurate, and the midranges chanber is tuneable to exactly how airy you want it for your specific application . The sasha is way over priced go listen to a Soundscape speaker and then you will see for yourself .Just go to Salks home page and go to news on top in the 2nd session it tells all about each driver and the build for it very imformative.
The passive Bass system loads the room far better than the wilson without the problems ported bass do and the Woofer is cutom from A&E drivers known for their custom accurate Bass.
Audioman, actually the Accuton is the midrange driver. Salk uses a custom designed RAAL tweeter for the SoundScapes. But you're correct, these drivers are absolutely top flight.

Personally speaking, the SoundScapes are THE finest speaker I've ever heard at any price. They absolutely disappeared during critical (!) listening/auditioning unlike any of the many fine speakers I've auditioned. That said, I've not heard any of the Wilson lineup...but who cares at those prices and with those drivers?!