New Sade Album

Just ordered new album "lover rocks" after listening to real audio samples. Its been over 8 years since the last Sade album, style is similar to previous albums, every song sounds like a winner. All previous Sade albums have excellent sound quality, this should be no exception, any Sade fans out there.....
Hi Mega. I am a Sade fan as well. Unfortunately I think this time around I think the mixes on her album falls very short of my expectations. The vocals lack weight and seem to be buried in the mix on some of her tracks. I've e-mailed her ( and told her that although I love the material(writing and production), I truly feel that the only disappointment was the mix. Case and point, Jill Scott who's first album release titled "Who's Jill Scott" has a similar feel to the Sade album as far as musical attitude and feel but the mix is far superior on Jill's as opposed to Sade's in my opinion. Hopefully you'll disagree with me and enjoy the album for it's mix as well as it's content but I cringe when I hear her honeyful voice on that terribly mixed material.
yeah, it's well recorded, synth drum tracks and all, but, hey, it's really booooooring.
Hey All -- I haven't bought the new Sade album yet. However, I have heard what may be the feature cut off of the new CD and I think that I can still dissect her honeyed voice from the instrumental background. I have yet to hear the new Sade CD in its full context. But if its like the other Sade classics from the 1980's (1985's "Diamond Life" and "Promise" (I didn't care much for the one she released in 1988 -- "Stronger Than Pride") and 1993's "Love Deluxe"), then I don't see any reason for me to be disappointed when the new Sade CD is added to my collection. Whether it's borring or not, or that all of the authentic instrumentation that has made three out of the past four Sade albums classic is lost remains to be seen. If all of the ingredients are there that has made most of her past albums hit albums are there on THIS album as well, then it will remain in my CD rack right along with her other classics. If not, then I will relegated it to the back of the CD rack, go back to "Diamond Life", "Promise", and "Love Deluxe", and I will never play the Sade CD again. That's my take on that. I'll let everyone know how the new Sade CD turns out in my opinion. Stayed tuned everyone
Going to purchase it on SACD. Can't wait!
I have all of Sade's previous albums. I find Lovers Rock to be e big disappointment. She has changed the style of her music going to a more silent background. I do like the title cut but agree with cornfedboy- the album is boring.
Wow funny you mention Sade, i'm playing her Greatest Hits CD as i'm going over the treads. Will definitley buy her new CD. She's great !! Boy i bet she sounds REAL GOOD on Albert Porter's Walker and Sound Lab's. How bout it Albert, how does Sade sound!!!
I own some of the early Sade LPs and they sound quite good. One of my friends recently brought over the Jill Scott CD that Martice mentioned and the sound was great: clean, nice dynamic contrasts and solid, punchy lower bass. In fact, now that I'm reminded of this album again, I'm going to have to run out and buy it. As I recall, however, the lyrical content was somewhat "spicy" on some cuts. Listen to it alone before listening with polite company...It may be offensive to some. I love marketing ploys. :)
Sade website is really first class, If you check under discography and go to "lovers rock" they have real audio samples of every track. But wait, if you have latest Real Audio 8 player (free download) these samples use the new "G2 Sure Stream" technology, for big improvement in sound over standard real audio clips......even if you don't buy this album check the audio clips sound quality, Sam
I respect all of the above opinions, however I believe the production mix was intended to come off as such and that it works IF one allows it to. Moreover, though I can well appreciate how some may perceive this work as "boring," if one is not necessarily looking to be stimulated/energized in the traditional sense of the words and instead is open to experience the exuberance to be found within the dark side, i.e., the quiet, brooding side of Sade, they will be well rewarded.
I am also a huge Sade fan. I cannot wait to hear her new album. I find her albums to be excellent sounding, and use her Best Of CD during component evaluation. I do understand the boring comment however. In my opinion, her first album is her best. Each successive album a little less special. My deepest hope is for this new piece to buck the trend.
I recently saw a 1/2 hour interview with Sade on one of the music shows. She said that it was her intention NOT to have the new album, "Lovers Rock", sound as detailed and pristine as her albums of the past. She wanted a more rough and textured feel to this one. She seems to have done just that.
Well I just got CD and Corn.F.B was right, this album is a bust. Flat one dimensional drum machine/program beats and bland overall sound. Nothing like the tight lively synchopated soulful beats of "diamond life". What a dissapointment, Sade herself even seems to be going through the motions, mailed it in. I have all previous albums and am a fan, but this is my last Album purchase .......any other opinions?
Diamond life was fresh and authentic. Lovers Rock is dumbed down for the masses. Very, very boring.