New SACD Players Announced

Sony announced two new multichannel SACD players (one under $300), and a $800 Dream System that includes SACD playback.
Haven't had my 333ES for a month yet, is it not always the way things go...
Your 333ES compares in performance with the 9000 and 777. I have to assume that the 222ES will be a step down. The $300 player will be another step down in performance. Also we won't see these players until late summer. You'll listen to a lot of great music on your 333 before these players are released.
I just received a copy of Mike Oldfields' Tubular Bells. Really amazing sound! This disk along with the DMP lable have the multi channel information on them. I personally don't use my system for vidio, so I don't for see the need for me, but in that alot of you do have a vidio screen between your front speakers (shame on you) I think these machines would be AMAZING! The disk came with a discription for set-up and suggest the same speakers for all five locations, the sixth channel is the .1 for sub effects. J.D.
Here's the photos. By the way, the new players are in addition to the SCD-C555ES ($1700) and the $500 player (Model 700 something) that were announced at CES.



There's no photo of the "dream system" which also has SACD.
I just heard the 9000 at a friends house in his spectral/audio physic system (this means HIGH resolution!). Excellent CD player. I would put it in the same general category as the Sony XA7ES for CD playback. I did not A/B compare them. SACD was outstanding - better than vinyl. It really is true that it's got the detail of vinyl but without the surface noise or warbling. He said it was within a hair of his levinson 36 dac for cd playback. He sold the Levinson !
Great to hear !! Let's just hope SACD does not become the next Betamax.
I am saving my nickels for an "old" 777. Looking forward to it. Heard it in my system and it flat destroyed my trusty old Nak CD player.