New SACD player-replacing current setup

I am using a Cambridge 840c for CD and a Pioneer Elite DV79 DVD player in "audio only" mode for SACD's. The rest of the system is Amadeus turntable with Grado Reference Sonata, Van Alstine T8+ preamp, Bryston 4BSST amp, Vandersteen 3A sig speakers.
I am interested in one of the new Marantz SA line or one of the Teac Distinction players based on the price points of $3000 or less. Any experience with these would be appreciated. I am interested in expanding my SACD collection and continuing to get the most out of my CD library.
Thanks for all of the interesting and helpful responses. I will look for a Marantz with confidence. Concerning the preamp, I will probably eventually either ask Van Alstine to upgrade me to the newest top of the line tube preamp or should a De Havilland Ultravereve, Audible Illusions, SAS ... come up consider that as well. Thanks for the Ayre suggestion, I will also research this one. Does anyone know how the Ayre units compare to Klyne SS, Bryston BP26 or Pass units? Its a shame that so many purchases have to be made without proper auditions but I have not been unhappy with this type guidance so far.
I am delighted with the phono stage (current model) in the AVA T8+ and in general prefer on board phono stages due to limited cabinet space and wife acceptance...Thanks again to everyone.
I ended up getting the Marantz SA14 S1. Love the sound on SACD and CD. The whole system is sounding really great and I have no plans to make any other changes in the near future. Thanks for all of the input. 
I'm late to the thread. I see you got a Marantz. You really can't go wrong with any of the Marantz Reference players. I have a modified SA-7S1, and it's the best source I've ever had in my system (and I've owned some good ones, including EMM, Esoteric, Goldmund, Krell, etc.). Their Reference players pull off a magical balancing act of resolution, dynamics, and naturalness that is pretty hard to deny. Some people think they're overly warm, but I don't think that AT ALL.
I concur, the Marantz is an excellent entry to SACD. Additionally, I like Esoteric spinners for SACD duty as well.