New SACD player Marantz SA8001 : leave it on?

I have decided to keep the Marantz SA8001 SACD player. Can I leave it on all the time? Is it better that way, as far as longevity of the unit and sound quality are concerned?

*I think* the sound quality should be better as it will not have to warm up every time I turn it on.

I used to own a Wadia 301 CD player and the manual suggested to leave the unit on for longevity and sound quality, and the laser will be off by itself when not playing.

I also owned the Benchmark DAC1 which did not even have a on/off switch!

I consulted the Marantz manual but I did not find any related info on this matter. What do you think/know?

The Marantz is connected to a PS Audio P300 so power stability should not be a real concern, I only need to know if leaving the Marantz on will be 1. good for longevity 2. bad for longevity 3. doesn't matter


My 8001 has been on, with just a few breaks for rack moving, equipment changes, etc., for over a year. Always sounds great.

I listen mostly to vinyl and only play it as background or when I'm too tired to go near my Virtuoso Wood with the terrifyingly long stylus. Last night I put on the SACD "Tall Band" and actually sat in the listening chair. Very enjoyable.
Hi Chenc

I find it always helps to call the manufacturer. I have spoken with the senior folks at Conrad Johnson, Zanden, Sumiko/Absolute Sounds (Distributors for Sonus Faber/other high end names). In every case, I have received great advice on my equipment. I find it has always helped me to talk with the people who actually build the product...even if choose to do something different than what they advise is optimal. Good luck.

Hi Chenc, I have a Marantz SA 11S1 CD player and I leave it on all of the time. I have had it for over 2 years and have turned it off maybe 5 times in that length of time and can not detect any problems with it.
I have this unit, about 2 years now, and its always on, not ever a problem with this player.