New RPTV power cord?

A question . . . . I'm getting ready to start upgrading the power cords in my system, and it seems to me that the one piece of gear that should most benefit from a better power cord is the RPTV. It certainly benefitted the most from power filtering . . . .

I'm thinking of getting something like a Signal Cable power cord and having Frank leave the IEC female connector off of the end so that I can just wire it in place of the existing cord . . . .

Anyone out there tried this?


Haven't tried that. I just plugged the TV into a RGPC. Night/Day results.
Maggieowner --

What RGPC are you using?
Tsart - I am using the 1200S
Great results. I replaced the power cord with Belden 83802 on my Toshiba RPTV.
Isn't the 83802 great? I'm on my 4th roll, for those who want to buy some raw cable by the foot or DIY PC Kits for $33. Let me know. Ernie