New Rouge Dragon amplifier

Has anyone had a chance to hear the Rouge Dragon amplifier... thank you 
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Read the reviews for the Rogue Medusa which uses a Hypex 400 module, the DragoN should be a little better. I have a Medusa and it responds nicely to tube rolling to achieve the best synergy in your system and the DragoN uses a similar 12AU7 front end stage.
Boys and Girls and concerned folks
FYI Rogue Audio has a pair of Magnepans on the design floor and knows how to make it work together. JohnnyR,Audio Connection, Magnepan, Rogue Audio’s,1st dealer.
JohnnyR, What is your take on the sonic differences between the Medusa and DragoN?

Thank you everyone for all the feedback...
I was told a 4 week wait from audo classic for the 1.7.....1 more week i hope...

I would definitely call my room hard so will have to see what it sounds like....

I will be using my Marantz Ref pm 10 
Class D ......and matching sa/cd player 
I will let everyone know how it sounds 
and if there is any problems....
Ditto on the Bel Canto 600Ms. I have been running a pair for over 4 years, currently driving a pair of ATC SCM 19 v2s, and the sound is simply superb. Enjoy the music my fellow Audiogoner's!