New Rotel RCD-1520

Just rec'd in my brand new Rotel RCD-1520 CD Player in silver today (looks great) and am breaking it in. As soon as I feel it's warmed up so to speak, I'll reply with a review. Anyone else out there own one and how long did you feel it needed to be played before it reached its optimum?
I'm very interested to see how it stacks up against your RCD-1072, Pdn. Keep us informed :)
Well it's Sun evening and I've had the player now 3 days running for numerous hours. It's sounding better by the minute!! Bass is tight but yet has punch which I like (I'm a bass player). Sound-stage is pronunced and in your face. The highest of frequencies seemed at first a bit veiled but now they're oh so present!!

Compared to the RCD-1072, difficult to say since I don't have it here any longer but I'd say the 1520 is more airy and distinct between instruments. Perhaps more crisp. The 1072 does that well but the new model seems to perform better in this area. Perhaps more details produced as well but then again, it's to be expected from a new model with the latest DACs vs one designed some years ago. I did love my 1072.

Also at first it took the machine longer to initially read and register a new disc but now it seems to be completing that task much quicker. I absolutely love the front disc load mechanism vs a drawer. The loading mechanism is super gentle and tight. If I had one criticism, the remote control does not work as well as the 1072 did. Not as responsive as the 1072. Could be the sensor on the machine's front. The machine itself is one solid piece of hardware, sustantial, heavy with excellent fit and finish. Mine is the silver finish and looks great against all of the other oomponents which are black.
Any issues with scratches on your discs from the slot loader? That is my one concern with the RCD-1520. Also, my RCD-1072 is a bit forward as well, making the music sound lively and dynamic without any hint of fatigue. Is the new RCD-1520 harsh at all to you, Pdn?
Just checked the CDs I've been playing and no scratches at all from the slot loading mechanism. That seems to be a concern out there among members here on Audiogon but as I said the mechanism is gentle and I wouldn't think Rotel would produce a unit harmful to CDs. I love the convenience plus the argument about drawer vibration can be made vs a slot loading mechanism. Drawers which open and close year after year could start to leave tolerance and loosen. No I don't find the unit harsh at all but instead the music is in your face !! Forward yes but not harsh.