New Rotel "15" Series

Rotel is bringing out a new 1500 series of multi-channel class D amps. These are supposed to be "better" than anything before and they are the first Rotel amps that double their power when needed. From the pictures they look really sharp, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge here.

Thanks !!!
My audio sales person told me just last week that the new "15" series uses digital amplifiers as opposed to analog in the older series. It comes down to a matter of taste. He feels the analog amps produce a warmer more natural sound in the music. I have two Rotel subwoofers, one a few years old using an analog amplifier/power supply and one I just bought back in Dec using the newer digital amps. I run both at the same time. The newer one (ASW610) seems to produce more thumping than the older ASW600 but that could also be due to room location and the newer design in driver mounting. Hope that helps somewhat.
I hope you mean B&W subs and not Rotel - although they are bot part of the B&W Group. I have a Rotel RB-1070 (analogue) and RB-1092 (digital). Both have their signature sound - I prefer the Class D RB-1092 but would love to replace my RB-1070 with a RB-1090; tough to find locally.