New Rotel Class D Power Amps

Anybody heard the new Rotel class D (ICEPower) amps yet?

How do these compare to the other class D amps out there, like Channel Island, Bel Canto or others?
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While I don't want to get into a "better" or "worse" argument, I found the lower power Rotel class D to be more to my tastes than the CIA D200s. With my system (room, ears etc) The Rotel was livelier with more immediacy and helped bring my system to life. Now, if you have an aggressive system, the CIAs are very smooth and refined and may be just what you need. My listening room is smallish and very well damped which did not play into the D200s strong points.

Ric Schultz (sp?) makes a strong case that his ICE amps better the others guy's, at really good prices. Haven't heard them, just tossin' it out there.

I greatly prefer my current tube amp (VAC PA100/100) over either of the class Ds on my Von Schweickert VR4JRs.

Good luck!
Issue 53 of HiFi+ has a write up of the Rotel in comparison to some others.