New Rotel 1572 or NAD 275BEE?

I need a new stand alone amp, I will be using a Thule IA100 as the pre-amp. Which would be better? Rotel 1572 or NAD 275BEE? Both are new products and in my Price range. Anyone with experience with these companies please comment.
I notice this is an old post, but I have had the NAD 275BEE for 2 weeks now.

I also have the NAD C372, and the NAD T753.

The 275BEE has worked wonders with my system. It drives my mains now for 2 channel music, and also for my T753 which acts as pre-amp and so used in surround application also.

The 275BEE is a very rich, leaning to warm amp and is very musical. I am amazed at the musicality.

My 372 is more neutral, but just does not do music like the 275 can. If you favor musicality over analytical sound, you will like the 275.

I would not pair it though with speakers that are overly warm or soft. My B&W 603 S3's are a good match. Together they produce a sound that is on the richer side, but in a good way.

I don't know anything about the Rotel's unfortunately. Have never used them.

Good choice of the NAD over the Rotel. I listened to the Rotel at a dealer Saturday. Although it had plenty of power it lacked resolution to my ears. It was paired with Rotel's new preamp. In the looks department the Rotel wins, but that is all.
I had the opposite experience with Rotel and NAD. I much preferred the Rotel 1520 over an NAD integrated (can't remember the model) when I auditioned them recently. I bought the Rotel even though it was more expensive. The NAD didn't sound bad, just a bit grainy, and I thought the Rotel was much more detailed.
Regarding the 275BEE, it has no graininess at all. Distortion is almost zero. The 372 has a little, and the older 272 has some graininess as well. The 275BEE has some trickle down technology from the NAD M3, and it can be heard. The 275BEE has detail, but does not exaggerate it. Again, it is very musical and I can tell NAD has gone for musicality over analytical in this amp.