New room/ need new speakers

I have accepted a purchase offer for my home and we are downsizing to a smaller home. My house that I am selling has a dedicated listening room and a dedicated home theater room. My new house has neither. So, I will need to integrate my system into the living area. The room is 13' X 17', Not real big.
I have only used floor standing speakers in the past. I am not real familiar with monitors. Can I get a close to full range sound in this size room with monitors ?
I listen to classic rock from the 70's.
Using Rogue Magnum 120 monos and a ARC LS3 preamp.
Can I get the room to fill with a smaller speaker?
Thanks, Scott
You may have to go with a sub to really fill the room. 13x17 may not be real big but it's not real small either. What is your ceiling height and is the room closed in or does it have an opening or l shape? Of course personel taste will play a big part but I like to feel my bass. Monitors alone (depending on what you have in mind) might be a little lean without a sub.
My room at 13' x 21' is only slightly larger than yours. I use a floorstanding speaker at the present time (Buggtussel Somus) but have had good success with a variety of smaller monitor type speakers.
Bookshelf speakers on stands take up as much space as floorstanding speakers in most cases. If you have to go with monitors you can get a pretty full sound with proper speaker placement and good speakers. Though not quite full range the Spendor 3/1 is a good choice. Von Schweikert VR-1 is a great speaker for 1K. Vandersteen makes a good bookshelf too.
Forgot to add, I am going to the house again tomorrow for more measurements. The ceilings are 10'
I guess the big issue is placement. They might need to be as close as 2' from the rear wall.
I agree with Bignerd100, you don't save much in terms of total footprint space, however, monitors hold better "WAF" value since they are not as imposing to look at in a smaller living room setting.
I have a small listening room and went the monitor route trying probably ten different speakers over the past two years. My favorites were the Acoustic Energy AE-300s closely followed by the Von Schweikert VR-1s. NHT SB-3s weren't bad either. I finally decided though that floorstand speakers don't really take up any more real estate than monitors on good stands and have settled on Meadowlark Sheawater Hot Rods. I think they sound wonderful and aren't overly imposing on the room. Also have the Kestrel Hot Rods which have a very different, but pleasing sound, and are even easier to place in the room. Good luck.
The your listening habits are probably the biggest factor. If the sweet spot is nearfield for you, and you listen at low levels, then you can use whatever you like. There are a plethora of good monitors that will suffice (I like the VR1 and NHT as well). If you like some distance and plan speaker placement relatively far apart, and like the big sound that a Marshall stack loaded with Celestion greenbacks would yeild no monitor will do it. In that case WAF or not you'll still need your floor standers especially for big musical bass (Subwoofers always sound like rumbling to me but supposedly fill out the sound, when properly adjusted). There are precious few big monitors that would be a compromise like the Dyne Audio special 25, or the Harbeths, but I don't like the polite sound of the Harbeths.
I have the B&W 602 S3's (on stands) with the matching sub. The combo does very well in my 13x20x10 living room. Great imaging, and can be driven hard. (Also used them in a skeleton HT set-up with good results.)

However, I actually am looking to sell because they present a real risk to my soon-to-be crawling/toddling daughter. Send me an email if interested.