New Room (from House to Apt) advice wanted on minimizing complaints

new room is ~ 11.5 ft by 22 ft. i was lucky enough to only get a neighbor on one side of me, so for purposes of reducing the "Turn That Down" complaints, i was going to put the speakers firing away from the neighbor's wall (ie using that wall as the front wall, with rear of speakers facing neighbor). this means the long wall gets the speakers. so sidewalls will be no prob. but what else can i do to minimize noise travel through walls? any soundproofing / acoustical drapes that i should put on front wall? 

i will decouple subs from floor by putting 3" maple blocks under ea sub. 

(plenty of 16" tube traps and 6" bass panels avail).

How serious do you want to get?

checkout i.e. Google "Green Glue" it allows you to mount a second layer of drywall and provides dramatic reduction of noise transfer without the loss of realestate. The website has mounting details.

You can get mass loaded vinyl lined drapes that are very effective but expensive.

Go talk to them.  Introduce yourself.  Let them know during this conversation that you're a stereo nerd, but that you're into quality and that loudness is not the name of the game.  Give them your number and invite them to call if they are ever bothered at all.  And maybe set up hours after which you agree to knock it off.

A conversation is probably worth more than all the soundproofing in the world.

The maple blocks will still couple the sub to the floor, just over a smaller area.  Look into Aurelex (sp?).  They make specific products for subwoofer isolation.  If you own the apartment, the green-glue/dry wall solution should also be seriously considered. 
I find the bass penetrates the wall (drywall construction) with our neighbors much more easily than the mids or treble.  Speakers and subs on the wall away from the neighbor might be a better idea.
Yes, it's the bass that people hear far more than anything else. I know because I can hear my neighbors bass and not much else. If you can't afford the additional dry wall, one way is to hang heavy rugs directly behind your speakers. You can get creative with that and it can end up looking nice. They don't have to be that big to do the job.

Next step up is to invest in some sound paneling and bass traps.

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The only practical and effective advice is from cymbop. Get to know your neighbors. Tell them you do listen to music. Present them with a Nice present as you are invading some of their space. Ask if you can hear what they hear by visiting their apartment. Avoid the type of music they hate or turn it down.
Lastly, get a really good headphone system. I use this for all listening after 8 pm.

David Pritchard
Float your speakers in oil.
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I think Cymbop has the right idea.
Being polite and respecting of others can get you far.
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I agree with talking to them- good advice. Same if you have someone above or below you.

Also, I agree with asking if you can step in long enough to hear how loud a certain level on the volume knob is and use that as a guide. You may be good as it stands now.

Some codes require fire breaks between units, but methods vary. 

Good luck.

Subs and apartments don't get along very well. I don't envy both you and your neighbour. If I were your neighbour...never mind.
I suggest you get rid of them. Yeah, you might have to replace your speakers too. Could be an opportunity for an upgrade.
I've had good luck with the "neighbor visit" technique when I was in an apartment. I added that I would only be playing loud music at a specific time ie. Friday night from 7-9 pm, Saturday afternoon from 1-3 pm?
Fwiw, I use a Dspeaker Anti Node in my home theater. It works well removing unwanted peaks, nodes, etc. After running the correction program the sub is more controlled and appropriate, not as 'loud'. I don't enjoy hyped bass.

While setting up the program you can hear nodes in the room being excited before being corrected, nasty business!

I don't know if this would translate to your neighbors hearing less bass, just wanted to mention the technology and opportunity. 

Headphones also a very very good idea.  

why would you want an apt???