New Rockabilly Guitar Monster

Posted this yesterday, but it never materialized - So I'll give it One More Try.

Carl Bradychock ( is the new guitarist for veteran rockabilly singer Jack Scott. He is 17 years old and appears -IMHO- to be unnaturally talented. Beyond the above link, there is a stunning demo of Carl playing a Hahn 228 (tele-style) guitar at Premier Guitar's web site linking to

If you like this sort of music - you should check it out.

You should try Unknown Hinson.
There are so many new rockabillys, you just have not heard them, but I have.
That's good to know, Slikric! Are you going to tell us who they are?

Liked the guitar demo clip Marty, but the Myspace page seemed to be down.


I know "Unknown" well, and I've actually seen him perform live, opening for Horton Heat some years back. His show is a lot of fun.


I'm sure that you're right, and, like John, any names would be appreciated and investigated. However, if you're implying that this kid is just another young player, I'd respectfully disagree. He is - IME - an unusual talent, particularly given his age.


Glad, you liked the NAMM clip. I don't know what happened to the Myspace page. It was there a few days ago. Maybe a web search under his name will find a new one.

To all,

I wasn't trying to imply that this kid is the best of the best. I was merely noting that, for a 17 year old who has yet to release a CD (although I guess he did a novelty flavored release as part of a kid's band), he is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Just thought I'd bring that to the attention of any "A'goners" who might have an interest in this music.

One mystery solved:


I inadvertantly added a "c" before the last "k"
Copy and Paste Marty.
I cannot name names but if you have listened to the now defuct but still available podcasts you would know what I am talking about.
defunct, sorry.
The kid really has talent.

If you like this music then a "must have" is this gem of an album.

Crazy Legs


Just ordered it. Thought I knew all of Jeff Beck's releases, but - somehow - I missed this one.

Ok so I was looking around and found this

A fun video - thanks for the link.