New Revel 208 BE, giant killer?

Has anyone else seen the introduction at CES 2017of the new Revel Revel f208 BE? It has newly developed drivers, a berilluim tweeter, ceramic midrange driver, revised and upgraded crossover, and newly developed aluminum wave guide, (instead of plastic) retail is expected to be $9k. I own and love the original f208, and do no not have the room for studio 2 or salon 2 in my listening room, if the 208BE gets closer to the sound of the Ultimata series but with the footprint of the 208, they could be real giant killers! I can't wait to hear them, knowing how conservative Revel is with introductions of new models, there is no way they would release a speaker almost double the price of the 208 without serious upgrades to the sonics.
I'm sure they will be great, but I think it will be hard to ever beat the cost/performance of the original F208's. People have no idea what they are missing.....
Focal has better/prettier box building skills, revel has better driver intergration. 
Based on what has been said about the design and the measurements from past model, I would guess they improved dispersion hand off between midrange and tweeter drivers as there was a small flare at the hand off. We shall see if upper treble dispersion improves as its not been something any Revel speaker has done as well as some of it best peers.

The cabinets were fairly solid, so I can understand carrying them over. I don't know what the new crossover concepts will result in, but time will tell.

As for the Focal comparison, I've listened to Focal in the past and its quite a different speaker. A more forward sound with an emphasis and treble air and detail. You can hear on certain models, they've forgone integration of system for other traits. This can result in disjointed bass and splashy treble. With that said, Focal does accomplish on getting a well embellished midrange, which is a foundation to everything else. I just didn't care for them as much as they don't quite get out of the way and let the music speak for itself. Something Revel seems to understand a bit better. 
Frankly the F208 and F206 punch way beyond their price range so Kevin V's next speaker most likely be another overperforming speaker. The guy is an awesome designer. IMHO..