New Releases on Vinyl?

I've been considering buying a turntable after a few impressive demos lately. I grew up in the CD age and don't own any records. I see there are alot of older records for sale but have not been able to find a website that lists a lot of popular new releases, other than techno and rave. Is there such a site?

Thre are several more, Red Trumpet for one but, I have found that the above two pretty much cover everything new that comes out.
Red Trumpet has a nice email newsletter that lists upcoming new vinyl releases, and a nice pre-order process for new releases as well.

As mentioned, Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc, and Music Direct are all good resources for vinyl.
Mosaic has great Miles Davis boxes
Don't forget my favorite GOODWILL! Not for the new stuff, but Bu-ku old stuff can be had for less than a $1.00 a pop and lots in great condition.

You will need to invest in a record washer, but hey that's half the fun!
I'm 26 and buy new releases on vinyl. Some good advice has already been given. You're not going to find everything on the major labels getting released on vinyl. Which is too bad. But there are plenty of independent and underground stuff that will get released on vinyl, often for $7-12, which is often better than a CD at best buy. I find these at brick and motar record stores in the Cleveland, OH area. I assume other metropolitan areas have similar sources.

Here;s a list of where I shop on-line. Cheers
Check this out (thanks Albert)...

What kinds of music do you listen to?
Here in SF we have several stores. Most surprisingly Virgin Megastore on Market St. has a large new vinyl section now with a decent selection of top 40, indie, psyche resissues, $50.00 japanese beatles lp's, and major label "Rock". They even have Reuben from American Idol's album on Wax which I'm tempted to buy just to make my friends laugh. They also have Clay Aiken 45's! They have new Jazz and classic soul lp's for $6.00. I think this shows that a mainstream vinyl revival is really beginning to happen. I think it may also be the first time in history that the consumer world was told that a technology was obsolete and then 25 years later a full mainstream revival may happen. Tube audio could be next if the prices would come down.
Thanks for all the responses, I think I'll have to live with the fact that not evereything will be available that I want. I listen to a large variety of music, alternative, motown, some classical, classic rock, jazz, even bluegrass. Basicly whatever sounds pleasing to me but never heavy metal. There seems to be a wealth of material on vinyl I've never heard of though, and maybe this will expose me to some new things.
There really is a wealth of material. You mentioned classical music. The nice thing about classical, it demand for it on vinyl has mostly dried up (at least near me), so I can find lots of title recorded in the 50s and 60s for $1/ea. These are some of the best recordings and performances out there. Most of these are in great shape. But if you have a taste for some of the comtemporary fare, you are mostly relagated to CD for that. There aren't many (if any) new classical releases on vinyl, just reissues. So don't give up your CD player. I haven't. The jazz will be next to impossible to find in the used bins. And when you do find it it will be expensive, IME. The classic rock and some alternative will be easy to find.