New Release CD Players $1000 - $1500

Curious if any recommended CD Players, released in past year,  at $1000 - $1500 new price. Thanks
Looking for ONLY CD player or a Universal player would do?

Marantz SA8005, Yamaha CD-S1000 and Oppo UDP-205 come to my mind.
The Yamaha s slightly older, but supposed to be a good player.
Thanks. Only CD. 
A digital coax in would be great. Just noticing that players like the  Marantz and Cambridge models are 3 - 4 years old, and curious if anyone releasing new models in this price range...
In that price range, I picked the Sony HAP-Z1ES high resolution player/DAC. Loaded all my CDs onto its hard drive.  No looking back to digital physical media. Sony iPad/iPhone app for album/song selection.  Really liking this and highly recommended.
The Sony isn't a CD player.
Cambridge Audio Azur 851C a great CD with DAC and volume control.
great prices on the Cambridge too
@rsfphil Very observant.  I'm well aware of what the Sony does.  Maybe keep an open mind on this subject?  That was the reason for my suggestion to the original poster.  The Sony will play everything on a CD, except one does not need to handle the CD after loading it the first time.  Like it or not, CDs---and old-fashioned CD players---are going away fast.
The op was asking about a CD player. He wasn't asking about a DAC.
I appreciate all input, but am simply looking for a CD Player, preferably with a digital input, but not necessary. And also curious if any new models that were released in the past year.
are you trying to avoid other features for some reason?

The Cambridge is a fine CD player; Oppo wins awards all the time - both have other features...
not so much trying to avoid them, but I do not need them and won't use them
the Cambridge looks real good, but is close to 5 years old and curious about any newer models - I know older models can sound great...
Another vote for the CA 851C.  Yes the 851 is a few years old but still in production.

What about an NAD C568?

That NAD looks good too...I've lost touch with what's available the past year or two
you will need to audition the nad, Oppo & Cambridge - all are xlnt

Luckily, all can be bought with a return privilege.  Try to set up a double blind test, and start making copies of CD tracks for testing while you wait for them to ship. 
I know the OP asked for only a CDP but just as another option, I think a separate CD/SACD transport and a DAC can provide an additional degree of flexibility worth considering. And it should be relatively easy to stay within the $1500 budget and get two great sounding components. 
Been thinking that Kalali. The Cambridge CXC can be had very cheap now. 
+1 on the transport/DAC option.  I am interested in the CXC.
Cambridge lowered the price on the cxc as well as the 851c. 
With no new players in this price range, past 3-5 years, seems either a bunch soon or never again 
Maybe they're waiting on MQA
Regarding current production goods, I prefer to purchase ones that have beed on the market for a while, as opposed to current release. Gives time to prove reliability and to work out possible 'bugs'. 
I figure a year is good to be proven and available at good used price
when a manufacturer, like Cambridge with the 851C, , lowers the list price significantly on a 5 year old player, I figure a new one is soon to come...and I do think digital has had innovations over the past 5 years
Couple years ago at my Audio Club a major cable company was making a compare and contest blind test system save speakers of course , behind
folding panels . Lots of positive comments from forty or so Audiophiles present .
In Q and A after one guy asked what kind of CD player was that ?
Rep blushed and said he forgot his and it was a 25 year old Sony he bought
at Goodwill across the street for 5 bucks .

Great story. 
most of the stories like that I hear, seem to involve the source being an old CDP or an ipod...
Why not consider older top players?

If new, then feel free to buy 8005 or some Oppo, etc. But if you add a bit, then for approx. 2K you can buy Marantz SA-1 (if you can find one) or for a bit more SA7S1 (also you must wait to find). These are a true S.O.T.A. players that most of the today's (price no object) best are hard-pushed to come close.
I`m not saying they are the absolute best available, because I have not tested all, but I have tested a lot...

 Here as in some other forums is a lot of dealers hype of their "latest and greatest" equipment that is ..........

Just my 2c
I was only asking about newer because I'm familiar with players in this price range up until a year or two ago, and was simply asking if there was anything new to check out - it certainly seems there is not...I'm very happy with my Simaudio 260D (not Neo)
the newer players are multi-disc and use improved DAC chips
Any particularly good ones you can recommend ?
I don't know if anyone already mentioned the Marantz SA-14S1 but I heard a few SACDs played through it at a friend's house this past weekend and they sounded significantly better than his recently demised California Audio Lab HDCD player - not sure which model. It looks impressive too. I think he paid close to $2500 delivered.
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Anyone hear the Creek Evolution 100CD ?
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The only new and innovative cd player I know of is the hegel mohican. But its much more expensive than the stated budget. For the money I would buy an oppo. 
The Hegel looks awesome 

Can you explain what`s so innovative in Hegel?
No offense please, but the visual appearance is mediocre at best.
Only that it only does redbook CD which is all I need.  Not sure it's innovative. Just a good quality player. 
Have you heard it in familiar system, or at least take a peek under the skirt?

Nope. Just read about it a few days ago. Had a Hegel H80 and thought it was terrific including the DAC. But the new one is way beyond what I'm looking to spend 
Not new to the market but, Rega Apollo-R, $1,000 new. 8742 Wolfson DAC, digital out. Basic, but nice sounding player. Listened through Primaluna tubes and Totem Acoustics Hawk.
I liked it better than the NAD played through the same system.

Nothing new between the $500 Marantz and $5000 Hegel. Maybe next year...
I know you said cd player, but the Woo Audio cd transport is excellent for the money.  Pair it with a decent DAC and you're good to go.
just hooked up a Cambridge CXC and Simaudio 300 D Mkll  sounds great    thanks for all the suggestions
I don`t know your taste, but if you like "non digital sound" that is neutral, deep 3D soundstage and easy to listen, I suggest to opt on discrete R2R based DAC + plus some decent spinner or a decent digital transport.

I ordered Denafrips Ares from Vinshine Audio for use with my smart TV and I A/B compared it to my all time reference players. There is something in the discrete R2R. Overall in tonality reminds me a Accuphase DP-67, but with deeper soundstage. The DAC part is clearly better than newer DP-500 or 510, That are inferior to older DP-67.
I have not heard, but Metrum Dac`s may be also a worth to consider.
The Hegel is innovative in a back to the future way. They are focusing on doing one thing well. Interesting but at that price it would have to be really really great. 
To me, the Hegel Mohican got an average review at best with its own internal DAC. A lot of money for a CD player with that kind of review. I guess the proof is in the listening for the prospective buyer. IMO