New Rega RP6

The all new Rega RP6 has finally been offically announced:

What do you guys think of the specs?

I really like the look of that new floating glass platter.
Sweet. Looks pretty nice. Thanks.
Looks nice especially with the rainbow color selection. The question is: can you use the previous TTPSU power supply (which I bought "separate" from the Rega P3-24 table which I have had for almost 4 years). Or, does the new power supply shown in the ad included with the RP6, and is not optional.

The other question is: will this model outperform the older P-5 which I assume it is replacing, and the upgraded P3-24 that Rega issued approx 6-8 months ago???

Lastly, what will be the retail price for this new table?? Thank you for the heads up!!!!!!!

I spoke to a local Rega dealer and below is what he told me, in answer to your questions:

1. The redesigned RP6 power supply is the same as the older TTPSU, it was simply a cosmetic change to match the new Rega DAC and Rega Brio-R components.

2. Apparently, yes the new RP6 outperforms the P3-24 however; he was not sure about the P5 (RB303 vs. RB700 tonearms).

3. Retail price for new RP6 is estimated at £798.00/$1495.00 US for RP6, RB303 tonearm and re-designed RP6 PSU (no cartridge fitted).
It is my understanding that new RP6 will replace both the P5 and the P7-not sure why Rega is dropping both turntables and while the new RP6 may better the P5 there is no way it betters the P7.
Hmm…seem to be a lot of different ideas of what exactly this table will look like when it arrives. My local dealer has said explicitly that the power supply unit is upgraded in sound quality and build from before; he heard this straight from the US distributor. No word as to whether it would be backwards compatible.

I've not heard from anyone that this is to replace the P7. Where did that information come from, Nanbil?
The RP6 is just replacing the P5. In my opinion, it should outperform the P5 even not using the RB700 ( or a possible redesigned version ).
I am very curious about the new P7 and the new top of the line ( which will possible replace the Rega P9 ) As far as I know, the new top of the line TT will be a very special machine and probably will cost more than twice the price of the current top of the line P9.
AFAIK, The TTPSU is the same as before other than a spiffier case. For right now the RP6 replaces the P5 only, the 7 will not be dropped from the line until the replacement for that model comes out. So the 6 is not a replacement for both the 5 and 7. The RP6 does not use the RB700 arm, Rega claims the RB 303 is a better arm than the RB700. Rega had to redesign because the tooling equipment for the old RB300 type casting was worn out, the RB303 uses new tooling. The subplatter is the plastic/"phenolic" Rega has always used on the lower P series tables, with an aluminum top piece. The platter is still glass but a lttle heavier and thicker with better inertia. The "brace" between the arm and center hub is metal instead of the "phenolic" on the RP3. The plinth is gloss finish. The feet are same as on the 7 or 9. which I am pretty sure are the same rubber thingies upside down with aluminum casing.
So, any Rega RP6 owners out there????
yep. bought mine in 2014 and the arm is having to be rewired as it crackles when i lift it vertically. upgraded the counterweight as well as the subplatter. i just missed the end of the warranty by about six months... :(
The 6', plinth, has a hi-tech foam core which IMO, should be a departure from previous TTs.
@slaw...the new Planar 6 has the foam core plinth.  This thread is pretty old and talks about the older RP6.  Different tables.

The new Planar 6 is sweet!  I've setup a couple of them.
@mofimadness ,

I think we are saying the same thing, but I understand your response. Thanks.
@slaw...sorry for the confusion.  The OP posted this on 12-12-2011 about the "then" new RP6, which didn't have the foam plinth.

Your comments above are about the "brand new" Planar 6.  Since the original post was about the RP6, I just wanted to clarify to readers that the two tables are different.

I would love to hear this planar 6.  looks like a phenomenal value for the money