New Rega Planer 8 (P8) Turntable - Apheta 2 Cartridge Combo - Thoughts

Any Thought's on the "New" Rega Planer 8 (P8) Turntable - Apheta 2 Cartridge Combo

Any Rega owners / dealers / folks familiar with the table and/or brand have any thoughts / advise about this table / brand / combo? 

I am trying vinyl again... Tried it before without much luck. Table / cart / phono set up was too finicky for me and I wasn't able to get decent sound. I sold it all and am now giving it another try.

I also chose a Sutherland Duo phonostage to match with it.

Would love thoughts, advise, ideas or feedback. I have never owned a Rega product before. Going to set it up tonight but still waiting for my phonostage to be mailed to me. Would love some feedback. 


System info

Rega P8 Turntable / Apheta 2 Cart
Sutherland Duo Phonostage
Simaudio Moon Evolution P-8 Linestage
Pass Labs X250.8 Amp
Magico S5 Speakers (MK II's on order)

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3 strikes but you are not out.
The comments suggesting a wall shelf are a  good idea. Once I solved similar issue by reinforcing the floor by putting a couple of  2x4 lengths of wood (cheap pine will do) in the basement or crawl space as joists directly under the audio rack. Just cut the length an extra inch long and then pound them into place with a rubber mallet from floor to ceiling. Problem solved for about ten bucks!

As for the choice of table, arm & cart, I am sorry to say, but all 3 choices were meh at best. Most of the recommendations I read on that gear is from folks who haven't owned better quality tables. They are frequently stepping stones of the inexperienced or those without the budget flexibility you have. The suggestions from the most analog experienced weren't your choices. You might need to accept the fact that great arbitrage opportunities to flip for quick profit won't be there on the best sonic options, as fewer will be available, and the market will be more stable.

I  would suggest considering the rest of the system that is used by those with the tables /carts you are pondering. With the quality of your gear and your high standards, if rest isn't the same level, then why would you expect the analog setup to be? Ask yourself if you are considering a setup that discerning listeners end up with, not step up from. That is certainly achievable in your budget.

 The other thing to do is make a greater effort to go listen to more top analog gear and be sure to hear some that really wow you. Then you will have a far better understanding of what is possible. If nothing wows know the verdict. Given your quick trigger finger and nature toward quick judgement consider a used or demo cartridge, because it will already be broken in. That could make all the difference in your case.

Not being there and hearing your set up, my comments are obviously speculation.  

I say misguided precisely because of the break-in.  Apheta 2 definitely takes > 50 hours and is also very sensitive to VTF.  Sounds dynamic early on but anemic (thin) until break in.  Varying with individual systems, this cartridge can also sound pretty bright or etched early on.  However, this cartridge is certainly a different flavor than others and won’t ever sound lush like some brands.

Never heard a Sutherland but wouldn’t have recommended using a power conditioner with it (again, speculation).

I use a Lyra Delos, Accuphase AC3, and Apheta 2 on Well Tempered and Rega tables.  Owned similar range Ortofon and Dynavectors.  Still use a Lenco as well with vintage mono cartridges (the amazing GE VRII).  Berning and Naim amplification.  Harbeth and both Quads.  Emia LR phono.  Anyone telling you the Rega Planar 8 isn’t a great table is either misinformed or has different taste.  The package you just sold is an amazing deal, maybe even a game changer at that price level.  I won’t name certain brands but there are many more expensive tables that I feel don’t fit my taste at any level.  Point is, take the many comments about this table with a grain of salt.

I am sorry I didn’t see your thread earlier.  With great satisfaction with your digital rig and few lps, I would have suggested that you forget about vinyl.  You would have spent a fortune on vinyl and these days, one can stream red book and high rez for $20/month.  It also helps to have great record shops nearby.  I have been quite lucky.

Finally, I have learned that many people don’t take to analog sound and vice versa, which is okay.  This isn’t a contest of formats.  

Happy listening.
Great info and thank you 

yes I probably should stick to digital and may but I’ve been offering terms on a Verdier Plantine Turntable w/Schick 12” Black/Black Arm and Ortofon Winfeld Cart and am considering it. 

I will still need a phonostage and can’t find a used Herron and can’t afford a new one so thinking maybe a Allnic 1201 or Manley Chinook SE? I don’t care I don’t own a ton of albums. I work a ton and don’t have that much time and am fine buying one or two a week and building it up.

Here is what I want: 

i want, I want to check my tracking force, clean my record of choice and dab clean my cart and then drop the needle on the record and sit back and be like - Yeah - that’s what I’m talking about right there! 

Have it sound great. So many people do this and it has alluded me. Maybe I do it and then decide I’m too lazy and go back to digital but I have not had a analog set up that sounds decent compared to my digital. It’s a different sound or a taste thing. The set ups I’ve put together have been vastly inferior to my digital system in an overwhelmingly instantly recognized way. Nothing about it is unclear. It’s just no where near as good and I’d still like to get close if for no other reason then stubbornness. Do you think this set up has a chance? Thanks 
Well I once owned an Ortofon Windfeld MC, and to me it sounded more like really really good digital with a touch of analogness, which may be your jam :) Very very good technical cartridge. I’m sure it’s well ahead of the Rega you had. The new Ti version (which I’ve not heard) should be even better. I’m now firmly of the Koetsu stone camp myself, since I love its sweet/romantic/technicolor midrange. But I also really like the top Shelter Harmony, which I think blends in both camps.

Chinook should be nice, and the Rogue Ares sounds good and can do well in a budget pinch (especially with Blue-label CineMags). But really call Keith Herron up and get a better reading on price lol.

Wish you had some high-end analog junkies in your local area. THAT is the way to catch the bug and learn from others’ experience hands-on! It only took one guy in my case, to get me hooked. "Thanks", Tom H...
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Until I purchased my SL1200G, I was in the same boat as you.  I had 3 other turntables before I bought the Technics, a lot of vinyl to play, but I would sit there and ask myself what is all the fuss about.  The sound wasn't anything special.  That changed when I purchased the Technics.  I am using the same cartridge that I used for the other 3 tables (ZU-Denon DL103 that I purchased from wcfeil many years ago).  The sound is so relaxing and really draws me into the music.  I have no need to sit and nitpick the music, it just sounds right.

I hope you can get to that special place like I have.  Best of luck.