New rega p3 24 or used p25

Which table would be a better choice?
b uy the new table. you can begin with it as is then upgrade to the power supply unit later. one cannot upgrade the p25 for total speed stability. with the 3/24 table you nearly have a P5 at a bargain price
I agree......I have the new P3-24 with the Rega Exact 2, and I love the whole thing !! My first upgrade will be to switch out the felt mat for a Herbie's mat ($ 60 upgrade tweak), and then I'll probably buy the TT-PSU unit to complete my analog front end. From what I've heard, the P3-24 with the upgraded power supply will sound better than the P25. And, hey Charly, what cartridge are you considering ? I suggest you listen to the Exact 2. It really makes the P3-24 sound fantastic.
Good Luck, and Happy Listening !!
The reason I was considering a used p25 was because it came with an upgraded tonearm and a separate power supply
How about the clear audio emotion tt. It comes with a cartridge and retails for 999.00. That is also a possibility.
I agree, buying new is probably better in this case, as then you have the warranty, and you know exactly where that table has been. You can also often get a deal on the cartridge if both it and the table are purchased new together from a great many retailers. I would also highly recommend the TT-PSU as well.
I just got the p3 24 with the Elys cartridge mounted. Love the table, not sure about the Elys. Also, am not convinced if the TT-PSU will add significantly to the sound. However, stock p3 24 is a great table at a great price. Need to change the platter mat.