New Rega Brio 2017

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone has had hands-on experience with Rega's newly redesigned gizmo amplifier? I hear through channels that it's quite the eye opener. I've owned a few of the company's throughout time and currently own an Elex-R. Super overachiever. Please share any personal or field experiences you've been able to have so far. Thank you.
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I have the previous Brio R and have inquired about trading for the new model but no reply yet.  I have had the Brio R since Aug 2016 and have been very happy with it - using it in my office system at work.
Thanks for your reply, miner42. I've decided to order a unit and it will be arriving shortly. I'll report my impressions in due time (after significant break-in). I heard the previous R version at lengths, and while I like it a bunch, couldn't live with or ignore the shortcomings (to my ears).
Thanks once again for all replies and hope that more will come with hands-on reports.

Best regards.
****Rega dealer disclaimer****

I've been playing around with my demo unit for a week or two and so far I'm extremely impressed with the new Brio.
Hello goldprintaudio,
Thank you for chiming in. I noticed you active on Steve Hofmann's forums also. Thank you for being a contributor as a dealer.
I just received mine and is also breaking in. VERY impressed so far. Playing on RX3s. I'll report fully here in due time.

Best regards