New Rega Brio 2017

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone has had hands-on experience with Rega's newly redesigned gizmo amplifier? I hear through channels that it's quite the eye opener. I've owned a few of the company's throughout time and currently own an Elex-R. Super overachiever. Please share any personal or field experiences you've been able to have so far. Thank you.
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I have the previous Brio R and have inquired about trading for the new model but no reply yet.  I have had the Brio R since Aug 2016 and have been very happy with it - using it in my office system at work.
Thanks for your reply, miner42. I've decided to order a unit and it will be arriving shortly. I'll report my impressions in due time (after significant break-in). I heard the previous R version at lengths, and while I like it a bunch, couldn't live with or ignore the shortcomings (to my ears).
Thanks once again for all replies and hope that more will come with hands-on reports.

Best regards.
****Rega dealer disclaimer****

I've been playing around with my demo unit for a week or two and so far I'm extremely impressed with the new Brio.
Hello goldprintaudio,
Thank you for chiming in. I noticed you active on Steve Hofmann's forums also. Thank you for being a contributor as a dealer.
I just received mine and is also breaking in. VERY impressed so far. Playing on RX3s. I'll report fully here in due time.

Best regards

I am interested. Would you please let us know how you like the new Rega Brio? How it compares to the original Brio-r?
I don't have the Brio, but I do have a Rega Elicit-R integrated amp and Saturn-R CD/transport/DAC. Fantastic bit of kit IMHO. The build quality is outstanding, built like a solid aluminum brick. Sound is great too. Very smooth, with plenty of detail and the best bottom end I've heard in my system.

If this is indicative of the Rega house sound, I like it.....
I want to give it a try and get the new Brio-r with the Rega DAC. I feel it is gonna make my Opera Prima speakers sing, especially that l like the Rega dynamic and fast sound. Still thinking...

i purchased the new Brio and a pair of Rega RS1 speakers at the same time after hearing them at a show.  WOW, synergy in spades. very happy. this little amp can rock and do complex Classical choral works with aplomb.
I’m considering a Brio having read great things about it. There are some concerning reviews on Amazon about build quality and hum. I know that the prior Brio-R was susceptible to hum. Can anyone describe their experience with the new version?
no hum from my unit, just purely musical with a black background.
Thanks. I have one on order.
Had the original Brio-R, traded for the new Brio and use at low volume in my office system.  I cannot hear any difference in sound but still breaking in.  I also have the Apollo and DAC-R.  I use these with Harbeth P3ESR speakers.  Also, no hum issues with either unit.