New record=Bad Sound

Hey all, I just put on a new record purchased yesterday. Everything sounds good except the mids. It almost sounds like its recorded too hot and its peaking at the meters.

This album is dear to me. I grew up with this band and know it is not recorded that way.

Do you think this New record {sealed when I bought it, came out in 1989-90} could use a good steam clean?

I do not have a way to clean records other than the Discwasher system.

Or should I take it back to my record store and get my cash back?

{First post :-)}
It sounds to me like it needs a cleaning. If you live near Scottsdale, Az, I'll do it for you...or buy a steamer (they aren't expensive) and have a go at it. If it doesn't clean up, you then can bring it back to your dealer.
pressings vary tremendously, individual runs withing pressings vary... if you tell us which LP this is, there may be forum members who can weigh in on which versions are best.
Are there similar problems with other records?

If so, check alignment.

I wouldn't rely too heavily on "sonic memory". It is very poor even for the most sophisticated listener.
Different runs of the same records can have very different sounds thanks to the differences in the pressings.

I collect multiple copies of my favorite ones, so I can prove that the differences outweigh our expectations. If you want consistency get a CD...but as you know, that will just not do.

If the album in question is really a favorite try multiple copies and compare. Its fun!
Thanks all,

I did all my research and went the steam cleaning method described here in another forum.

Still blech! In fact I did 2 other albums and can say that they are defects.

The album in questions is fIREHOSE, fROMOHIO.

Great band but this album is pressed terrible. I am listening to the cd as we speak. Nice.

The other album I steam cleaned was Coldplay, Parachutes. On side 2 I have many noises and pops and its really distracting. I steamed and still there. Too bad, I guess with that album I choose cd.
Don't give up on vinyl so fast. If you can, play the album in question on another TT, maybe one that dwarfs yours in price (I don't know what you have) and see. Maybe that diamond is not getting far in there, or maybe it is not aligned. I assume this is not the issue, but it would be interesting to hear. I still bet it is a bad pressing with mold release fluid dried in the grooves.

In the end it would not hurt to have the old VPI 16.5 RCM on hand. Might be worth thinking about.
Good album. I never noticed the mids being hot, I'll have to listen again. I liked "Ragin Full On" a lot more.

Strange though, I've never had a problem with SST records. I've always thought they were really well recorded for an indie label.
Don't fret too much about bad records. They happen. That's part of what makes finding a really good one so much fun. Life's too short to plays the ones you don't like. Get rid of them to make space for more gems.
Hey Elf73, if you could check it out again and let me know if by chance its the same.

Love Ragin, full on. Love them all except the last one. Mr. Machinery Operator is the last ditch of keeping Columbia happy and getting out for Watt.

I have a friend with this album too, I'll ask to borrow it.

Also next week when I go to my dads I am bringing it.

The real pisser is the Coldplay album. Brand new and recently pressed. Side 2 sounds unlistenable.
Just noticed {why not earlier I dont know} major warp on the outer edge. Thats gotta be the culprit.

Its between two pieces of glass and in the oven at 180 degrees right now. {Actually cooling at this point.}

I'll let you know how it comes out.

Thanks everyone!

Ug....No good. It flattened it nicely. But now its either shrunk or expanded. Cant tell yet. Its horrid on the player. Worse...much worse.

The needle wobbles back and forth instead of up and down. {It used to go up and down because of the warp}.

Maybe its time to just purchase another!

I tried the oven trick a couple months ago too for fun with similar results. At the time, I put the disc between 2 pizza stones thinking that the weight would help flatten the disc. Based on your results I'd say this either doesn't work or is a lot trickier than it sounds.
Yeah, I had the heat set at 180. Turned on the oven, put in my record sandwich, preheat buzzer went off, I shut the oven off. Waited like 4 hours and took it out. Looked flat as a new record should. Then it got wierd.

Maybe my heat was to High. Thats what I am thinking. I'm not giving up yet.

I'll keep you posted.


I think one mistake I made was in pre-heating the stones along with the oven. Did you pre-heat the glass or put the whole assembly in the pre-heated oven cold. The post I read on this also said not to take it out until everything was back to room temperature.
I did not preheat the glass. {Which by the way is window pane glass}.

I might try one this weekend to see if I can get this right.