New Reciever

Need to replace a Rotel RSX-1067 only because of the lack of HDMI to connect to my new Sony 65" OLED TV.
Love the Rotel, just "old technology".
Looking for recomendations, 5:1 all B&W speakers.
Hi simon911,

I have a very good solution for you but would like to know more about your current system and budget before going into a more detailed discussion of exactly how the proposed centerpiece component’s capabilities would enhance your system well beyond the abilities of just updating your receiver to a more modern one with HDMI interfaces. I’ve used this component in my own combination 5.1 surround home theater and 2-channel music system for about 3 years now. It’s been a great solution for my system and I’m almost certain it would be the same for your system.

I suggest you consider using either an Oppo 205 Bluray player (latest top Oppo model for $1,299) or the Oppo 105 (previous top Oppo model that I bought for $1,199 that you may be able to find at a reduced price if you search around online).

Both these models are so flexible that they’re often referred to as ’audiophile Swiss army knives’ in professional audio reviews. Here’s what I use my 105 for:

Preamp- My previous system consisted of a Sony CD/DVD player as a source, Parasound AV-2500 5.1 surround processor, VTL 2.5 tube preamp (with NOS Mullard tubes and a ht bypass switch) , 3 class A/B stereo amps along with my 5.1 speaker system. My current system consists of an Oppo 105 Bluray player as source, a pair of mono-block and 2 stereo class D amps along with my same speakers. After extensive listening comparisons with and without my beloved VTL preamp in my system, I had to admit to myself that my music sounded just as comprehensively good using the Oppo solely as with the preamp. So, I sold my VTL to a friend and surprisingly haven’t missed it.

Surround Processor- Both Oppos can decode up to 7.1 surround channels. All channels are analog rca outputs. There are multiple HDMI inputs along with an HDMI output for the video and audio to your HDTV. My older Parasound AV-2500 surround processor did not have HDMI inputs and outputs, so I just used the Oppo’s built-in surround processor which I thought performed better than the Parasound did. I removed it from my system and gave it to another friend.

DAC- The Oppo 105 uses high quality Sabre 9018 digital -to-analog conversion chips typically used in much more expensive audio components. These chips are deployed not only in the main l+r channels but also in the multiple 7.1 surround channels. I think these dac chips, along with the many other high quality parts used in the Oppo’s audio sections, are part of the reason this source component sounds so good. These chips are so exceptional that I use the 105 as a standalone dac for converting high-resolution 24 bit/96khz music flac files stored on my Synology computer audio hard drive. With its latest firmware update, the Oppos can convert all of the hi-res formats, including DSD.

Of course, using this solution also requires amps for each of its outputted channels except the LFE/sub output if you utilize an amplified sub. The combination of an Oppo connected directly to external amps would likely cost a bit more than most HDMI capable AV receivers. However, depending on the amps you choose, it is capable of performing better than any AV receiver, no matter the price, currently available from any brand.

But you’ll also get one of the best Bluray players on the market with a built-in state of the art video processor that’s also an excellent CD, SACD, DVD Audio player that plays DVDs, too.

If you have the budget, I think the Oppos would exceed your expectations. If your new Sony OLED is the new 4K version I think it is, congatulations, but you’ll need to go with the latest Oppo 205 because it’s a 4K version, the previous 105 is 1080p only. You bought an excellent HDTV that deserves an excellent sound system. You already have a great start with your B&W speakers. If you decide to go with the Oppo, I can probably answer any questions you may have and can recommend good amps for almost any budget.

Let me know,