New Receiver or New Amp?

I currently have a Denon AVR-85 receiver (85W x 5 at 8 ohm) pushing a pair of Dynaudio 1.8 MKII speakers that I just purchased. The receiver cannot handle 4 ohm loads very well (the manual says it could damage speakers with loads greater than 6 ohms), so I am trying to decide what to do. Should I buy a new receiver, like a NAD T761, that will handle 4 ohm loads, or should I use my Denon as a pre amp and purchase a decent amp (e.g. Bryston 3B ST or 4B ST, or NAD 218 THX or S200)? I listen to about 60/40 HT to 2 channel and don't blast either very often.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
IF you're planning on moving up(?) to separates, then the new amp makes sense. If you want to stay single box, it might be cheaper to sell the Denon and buy the NAD. Given the choice between Bryston and NAD, I'd prefer the Bryston, but that's just my ears talking, you may very well prefer the NAD.

Thanks chas. What about the Musical Fidelity 3CR? Would it push the Danes? Also, some have recommended the Odessey Stratos. Have any experience with these?
I don't have the specs to hand on these pieces, so I can't comment specifically. You can get the requisite data points from the respective web sites (See the Manufacturers list here on Audiogon - it's a wonderful thing!) Cursorily, either of the two new amps you mention probably can handle the load in two channel, but what their ht config/performance is I can't say. Since you're now asking specifically about amps, have you decided for separates? And do you have a preferred price point?

I haven't totally decided. In the long run I just want the best bang for my buck. My wife will monitor the $$, so I don't have an unlimited budget, but she is flexible if I do research and make a sound purchase (e.g., $2100 for 1.8 MKII's in cherry and mint condition). I was told that an amp would open up my Danes and let me really hear them, but I don't play music or HT that loudly. I know that NAD's receivers are made to handle 4 ohm loads, so I could always do that, but I must admit it is appealing to go for separates. Having said that, I don't think that I will spend over 2K on an amp (probably not even that much, just depends on the deals I see) and not more than 2.5K on an amp and a pre/AV receiver if necessary. I think it is probably best if I go with an amp that will push 5 channels, though I don't know if it is an absolute necessity since my rears currently are Bose 201's and likely will never be more than some Dynaudio 42's.

Still pondering what to do and will gather as much information as possible before making my final decision.

Thanks again.
Ok, I understand a little better now. Sounds to me like maybe an integrated might be the easiest way for you to go, if it's bang for the buck time (with a financial manager overseeing the deal as well). So if you go integrated (and the NADs really are fine gear, not to mention reasonably priced) you might be able to squeeze in that Bose to Dyns upgrade as well - and that can't hurt at all! Keep us posted.