New Receiver? Marantz SR-5005

I have been completely out of the loop regarding h/t and stereo in general(enjoyed what I have) for quiet a while but now have the urge to upgrade with all the new formats, streaming, and pc access that is available.

Currently considering the Marantz to replace an outdated Denon 2802 used for h/t surround and replace the B&K Ref 20 used for front speakers in h/t and 2 channel stereo. I use a Bryston 3bst amplifier for front L/R and a HK amp for surrounds. Front speakers are Gallo 3.1.

The b&K receives its stereo signal through a Modified Lite Audio Dac60 for the 2 channel and I have come to really enjoy the sound. H/T front speakers signal is routed from pre's on the Denon.

My motivation is mainly to improve the h/t experience with the use of newer formats and Audyssey MultiEq. I would also hope for an improvement or at least equal sound quality in 2 channel with the much newer technology in the Marantz. I realize it will be receiving an analog signal so no processing will be done. Am I expecting something that will not materialize?

Internet ready and PC connectivity is also a consideration. Would like to eventually be able to save DVD's to a hard drive and play them in either 5.1 or hd surround formats. Can the Marantz do this or can it bbe done through a Blu Ray player?

Really appreciate any help or guidance. Suggestions for alternative receivers are also welcomed.
Why not go with more B&K gear? I used to sell Marantz & B&K. Marantz was slightly ahead of Pioneer ELITE, since it was the same guts with modified audio circuits and nicer face plates. B&K sound quality beat them hands down. It was smoother and less brittle and fatiguing. Buy used, since the brand really takes a hit in the used market. Presents a great value though. Made in the USA too. If you are looking up then maybe something like McIntosh, but it's going to cost a lot more.
This is only the first step in my upgrade. Pre amp for 2 channel will come next. $'s will make it a slower process.

Have looked at B&K but it does not offer what I am looking for in my price range.

Using the ext dac my thinking is that only volume circuits will be in use during 2 ch. Is that correct? If so I would really like to get rid of the B&K but am concerned with sound quality. Will the medium priced OnkyoTX-NR709, Denon 3311, MARANTZ SR5005 be equal or better than the older B&K?
Other suggestions? Must have Audyssey eq xt, and at least 2 zones.
You may see an improvement over what you have with the Marantz, but I doubt it is going to measure up to the B&K sound even with the MultEq.

It's always been a problem that the higher end lines lag the consumer grade gear in the latest connectivity, processing and features. There is usually a delay in the release of the technology or use of (licensing). They try to gauge what will be popular and keep the gear a bit less cluttered instead of loading it up with everything. Meridian would be a high end exception, because they are engineering their own products/processing to license. Their 800 series card based architecture was an attempt to future proof a piece of gear. Very expensive equipment though.

A baby step might be the new Anthem Receivers. Not sure who they are outsourcing, but it looks a bit like Pioneer from the back. They are dropping some features like S-video, so they can up the quality in other areas. Anthem Processors might also be worth a look used. They did offer some upgrade paths for future formats, so you may find something that suits your needs there. A Bryston processor would be worth a look since you have the Bryston amp. Going to be less features, but likely better sound. For sure good matching with your amp.

B&K is fairly unique in that they provide a product that bridges mid-fi to hi-fi gap. They will eventually get some of the features you are looking for but you will need to wait. I think in the future all of your content will reside in a cloud, so you can stream it where you want it. Keep that in mind.

We were a Gallo dealer from the beginning, and I run Gallo Ref MKII myself. Just FYI.