New Raven AC Owner


I am new to Audiogon and I thought I would join to connect to other TW Acustics turntable owners.

I bought a 2007 Raven AC with a Graham Phantom B44 and have put a Clearaudio Accurate cartridge on it. This TT is the biggest upgrade I’ve ever had by some margin. What a fantastic player it is. I’ve had many many turntables over the last 20 years (several LP12’s, Pink Triangle Anniversary, SP10, various Thorens, Rega’s, Gyrodecks and too many others to mention) but non-have given this amount of musicality and sheer detail (except maybe the PT Anni). I compared it to my original “Obsidian” SP10.2 fitted with a 12” Jelco and SPU Royal GM and the comparison took all of 5 minutes! I haven’t compared it the Anni yet though. Too busy enjoying it. I am desperate to get the Jelco SA-750L 12” arm with SPU onto the deck in the rear position though (I have placed a wanted ad for an appropriate armboard for this ;-) )

I have a question for you guys though regarding setup, Should the motor be positioned so that it stretches the belt slightly? Or is there a fixed distance I should put the motor? I understand there are several different lengths of belt and I’m not sure what I have. I have the motor positioned to the left side of the plinth.

I’m sure I’ll have many more questions as I settle into using this player.

Thanks all.
The belt should only be tensioned barely enough to not slip. So it does not slip is all you want for tension.
The more tension, the shorter the belt life. Also tension puts more stress on the motor bearings. So, only add as much as needed to keep the belt from slipping during use.
That is for any motor which can be moved..
Good luck, great turntable.
Hi,Call Jeff of High Water Sound he is the best expert!!
Depending on which belt you have there are different distances. For the short belt I have the motor case 5mm away from the plinth on the left side. For the long belt the manual states 340-350mm from center of platter to center of motor pulley. Check speed and adjust if necessary after.
My manual says the motor pulley to spindle distance should be 340-350 mm. I think I have the long belt.
Thanks all for your kind responses. This is very helpful to me as I do not have a set-up manual.

I was told by a dealer that there are actually 3 belts. Shortest for rear mounting a single motor. Short for left side mounting of a single motor and the long belt for 3 motors.

I was told I had the long belt by the seller as the deck was previously an AC3 but I doubt it because my motor is mounted left side with about an inch gap to the side of the plinth. I will measure the actual distance from the spindle to motor pulley tonight and see what I get.

Sounds great though!

I have the ac-3 with Phantom, so welcome to the club :-)

I used to own the Ortofon as309s and it was very good, so the Jelco will be similar I would guess.

Seems you much preferred it tho your Technics mk2. Pity you don't have the mk3 - that would be very interesting comparison.

Enjoy the Raven
are you using it without a mat? i have the AC3 and prefer the living voice mystic mat.
my manual says to keep the motors about 1/4" away from the plinth.
i also have the table and motors on a large HRS platform. that's another great tweak for this table.
good choice!
Yes I had the AS212s on the Technics before the Jelco. Very similar in sound (I know the 750d and 375h very well too on other tables and they all sound quite similar). The increased effective mass of the 12" versions work well with the SPU though and I prefer it.

To be fair to the SP10 it wasn't an apples and apples comparison as the decks were running very different arms and carts!
I just measured the spindle to motor pulley distance at ~280mm so definitely not the long belt. I probably have the correct belt after all!
I've been sent a manual but it only mentions the 'standard belt' with motor placed at 320-330mm. The belt feels a little stretched at that distance though.
I've not experimented with mats yet although I do have a few from previous projects and tables to try out.
Regarding the Jelco arm, I am sure Jeff at HWS can have any tonearm board made to your specs.

I am mounting an Ortofon RMG arm with SPU to my Raven AC soon and opted to make my own custom arm board out of black ebony. Not sure yet what (if any) real impact it will have on the sonics but just thought it was cool and fitting for a vintage arm.