New Rainbow remasterings are awful

I just bought first 5 remastered Rainbow cds and am very dissapointed with the sound (or compression that substitutes it)It sounds like these CDs were burned from a 128 kbs playlist.Keep your original CDs,they are way more musical.Just a heads up so you won't repeat my mistake.Avoid new remasters of Rainbow.I guess we are all kinda spoiled by Rhino quality of remasters.I hope in the future they will do Rainbow as well.
Who is "Rainbow"?
80's rock, metal band right?
70s hard rock,Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple)on guitar,Ronnie James Dio-vocals
Rainbow theres a market for that group??????
Schipo: yes. Another Audiogon member posted about a Rainbow DVD re-release in these forums recently ("Live in Munich".) I'm sure that was equally surprising!
I used to be spoiled by RHINO re-masters, however they are now susceptible to the LOUDNESS crap. Rhino did the Dwight Yoakam "best of" re-master and it is recorded SO LOUD that you have to run to the volume control (or whatever) to turn it down, COMPRESSED. Too bad, just like B. Ludwig with the new Springsteen cd, you can't trust nobody anymore.

I think you could basically call the remasters crap..Not sure why they even bothered.. I would have to agree the originals sound better...

"Who is Rainbow"? "Rainbow, theres a market for that group"? You have got to be kidding, right?
Gerryn, Chadnliz and Schipo: ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS???!!!!!!
>>Are you people serious<<

Legitimate question. Most folks would know of the band and a couple members, specifically Blackmore and Dio.

However, Rainbow is not a significant group in the grand scheme of rock and roll.

IMHO I would have to put Rainbow up there with the forefathers of metal or at minimum hard rock in general. I gues if you dont know whow Rainbow, Deep Purple is just another crayon in the Crayola box!!!
Rainbow is not Deep Purple.

Dio is not Ian Gillan but he could be Rod Evans or David Coverdale.

Blackmore is Blackmore in either band. A self absorbed and very good, but not primo guitarist, who has a much higher opinion of himself than do his contemporaries and reviewers.

"rainbow is not Deep Purple"

Totally agree. And also agree that Blackmore is a self indulgent self imposed guitar god, but by no means whatsoever a great guitarist. What he did do was put two very diverse and successfull projects together. If he didn't have such issues both bands would have gone much, much further. The original Rainbow line up with Dio was my favorite and probably the best that was put together.

My initial point was how someone could not know who Rainbow was. Gillan by the way could not hold a candle to Dio...Just my opinion.....

I've actually seen Ritchies latest project "Blackmores Night" with his wife Candice...Not bad...If your into minstrel music:)
Actually, Blackmore was a "primo" guitarist. As good as he was in DP Mk II (I love that era), his prowess really began to peak during the DP Mk III and early Rainbow years. At the time of Rainbow, I was into a "broader" range of music and I really didn't enjoy the direction Blackmore had taken. However, today, I realize what an impact he and his band(s) have made. Don't ask your average person on this site about Blackmore. Ask the best electric guitarists (rock, progressive, blues etc.) who Blackmore was/is and what his influences have been. Then you'll get the real story. Sure, I'm a hypocrite like everyone else at times, but in this case, I have actually asked many great players about Blackmore - all responses are that he is one of the don't go there.
Blackmore is a guitar god, but he's a minor god. Numerous small shrines, a handful of temples, but no cathedrals.
I saw Rainbow in concert right after they made "Difficult to Cure". I have to say that it was one of the worst concerts by a rock band. Everyone was waiting for the featured song "I surrender" before having to endure Blackmore's overdone guitar solos the whole evening. Guitar solos are great when their is some substance. It appeared to me,and many, that Rainbow was Richie's forum for showing everyone how accomplished he was on the guitar. All I can say is Rainbows have more than one color. The concert made me realize how much I missed Deep Purple!!
A minor god would be a demigod.
Perhaps godlike in the terms that some remember him IN DP AND ofcourse his own mind. Technique, originality, I don't know...I like him as a guitarist. Is he one of the top 10 or top 20 guitar gods...No...I've played for many years and have seen numerous guitar players over the years. Blackmore was good but not great.
If anyone is interested...The Live in Munich DVD is pretty good both audio and video, especially considering when it was recorded...
As for me,i will take Coverdale/Hughes era over Gillan any time.Jan Gillan was outstanding on In Rock and in Jesus Christ Superstar but burned out right after Machine Head.Dio is also in a league above,still doing it at 60+
Audiofeil, everyone is entitled to their own opinion... I guess. Dio is not Ian Gillian?!?!?! You're right about that! Dio can still sing circles around Gillan in his prime. Dio is one of the best singers ever to record heavy metal. Gillan is, well he's Gillan, which reminds me of the Shakespeare phrase: "Damned by faint praise."

David Coverdale who is a dismal writer, and should never have been allowed to have his own band was a better singer than Ian Gillan!

All early Rainbow was better than most Deep Purple. Don't read into that, that I am not a Deep Purple fan, but real is real!

Of course that's just my opinion!