New Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil Vespers

Despite my normal reluctance to make unsolicited recommendations, I'm compelled by this rendition of Vespers. It's performed by the Estonian Philharmonia Chamber Choir directed by Paul Hiller. Harmonia Mundi. This group is to choirs what a chamber orchestra is to a full symphony orchestra. It has only 30 members. This reminds me so much of Herreweghe's Faure Requiem in its simplicity, serenity, intimacy, and great beauty. I'm swept away! I can't recommend it more highly to anyone who likes Russian Liturgical music or Rachmaninov's Vespers, or for that matter anyone who loves a capella choir.
Newbee, you are the last man on earth (seee Loudin)I ever expected to flinch from the public arena. If this forum is music, what possible shame could you have for bringing this gossamer ineffable to our attention? HM is one of the few labels from which I will purchase. Still I wonder about your syntax in your last sentence. I guess you did not mean a double star choir 46 light years away; so you must refer to AN "acapella" choir, to bust your ever-lovin chops. Thank you for your kind recommendation. And for reminding us of Herr Herreweghe.
Aceto, Sharp eyes! I've said it before, I can't edit worth a crap! As to my reticence to post, its guys like you!!!!!(Not!) My dictionary shows under A, "a capella". So my sin is, apparently, the omission of "an" not a seperation of the 'a' from capella. As you can tell now, its not acapella! Now, how's that for a combination of words that sounds like poor grammar, 'an a capella'. Sure sounds wierd to me. Any English majors around (assuming you're not one.) By the way, your welcome and I hope you and others take a chance on this recording. :-)
Have you heard the USSR Ministry of Culture disc of the Vespers?
Drubin, I have not. I have several others but not that one. For me the big difference between the more traditional version (that I have) and this last one, is 'scale'. These are not huge forces at work. Have you by chance heard the St Petersburg Capalla directed by Chernuchenko?
It is a real problem when you mix languages like that; there is no way to get two grammar systems to grind perfectly. You don't want to get in the position of the French academy that cripples the evolution of language by assimilation. The Japanese are currently even more expansive than the English speakers. So you were actually fine just as you had it. I am just perverse that way. In fact I am trying to think of some stupid way of joking about the vespers and the ministry of culture. Something like of course I never heard it because the athiest ministry made them vesper it. Gha-gha-gha... But you really did not need the last comma, the one after 'intimacy'. See I cannot help it!