new "heavy platter" for VPI HR-X?

I am sure most HRX fans have read Arthur Salvatore's comments on the VPI HRX. Now it seems VPI offers an upgraded platter to address this controversy.
Unusually...or not... there is nothing presently on VPI's web site about it. But there is an ad for the platter on elusive disc's site:
So my question is, other than Arthur's "associate" (whom I have spoken to at length) has anyone out there heard this platter?
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I am not 100% sure about this, and I hope Sirspeedy chimes in, but as I understand it Harry W. decided to come out with the heavier model platter to appease the many who read Salvatore's review which knocked the lighter plater. A friend of mine had the lighter palter on hi TNT (mkiv??) and then received the heavier one. He likes the heavier one better then the lighter one (Salvatore was right). However, and here is where I may be off n=base....Harry W. prefers the lighter one. But please do not take this for gospel!!! Harry is a very ingenuous inventor and manufacture so I would suggest you try both. I believe your dealer should give you an accommodation to do this.

Rick (RWD)
Funny that you just mentioned this platter! I recently saw this item at Elusive Disc, and my first thought was "Holy S**t, $2000- for a special PLATTER?

Don't get me wrong, but I think that we Audiophiles are Super Tweak Freaks [myself included], as we try to eke that last little drop of performance from our rigs! Some people, even other audiophiles, will say that this is nuts; myself, I'm not going to comment on someone else's passion, cost, or method for his "pursuit of happiness". Actually, in this mass marketed, injection molded plastic, disposable society, passion and dedication are desirable qualities, even if others see them as quirks or shear lunacy!

Unfortunately, unlike tweaking a fast car, fidelity improvements are not scientifically measurable. But rather, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So, what's the going price tag for happiness these days, anyway?
I have one on order - waiting for it to come in.
here is what harry said about the platter when I asked him.
"The new super platter gives more fullness and power in the lower registers but maintains the level of detail the old platter had. We changed to a composite delrin/teflon thrust plate for this platter and it seems to holdup very well. The ring fits it perfectly, in fact it is exactly the same size as your platter only 4 times heavier.If you are looking for a fuller richer sound, look no further."

Me I am looking for a fuller richer sound than the HRX gives me at the moment and 2K is a lot less than replacing the table.
BTW the rubber ball replacement suspension is not an improvement. It just seems to lean out the sound, so I am back using the bladders which sounds slightly richer, but leak over time.
I finally got the super platter and its looks great and sounds just as good.
I won;t miss the white platter. The new platter is VERY heavy, even heavier than the old TNT platters.
Goes straight onto the inverted bearing and works perfectly.

Only early days with the platter, it does add some solidity and presence to the bass and seems to actually add to the PRAT of the table - weird. Most of all it seems to be more musical and self assured in the foundation to the music

If you are finding your HRX a little on the lean and mean side, the super platter will add some bass weight and musicality

highly recommended.
HOW? I mean how does it add deaper bass? i can understand it solving some vibration problem but i do not get how it can make a diff in highs and lows? please explain
I don't think it adds deeper bass. Who said that?

It does however slightly change the tone down in the bass and it gives it some weight and prat in the bass that the HRX does not have.

To me it sounds a better and looks very COOL

What type of construction is the new platter and is it the same as the thrust plate ?
What does PRAT stand for?


Not sure, it is heavy thou. see attached link

PRAT is an old LInn term, pace, rhythm and timing.
The new platter is a substantial improvement. Much blacker backgrounds and the sound is more vivid. I assume it is lowering the noise floor. Acrylic is not a desirable substance for a highend platter.
Has anyone tried this new platter on a TNT6 or TNT6-HR? Thanks,