New "Astral Weeks Live"

Van still has it. This is a very good disc as most of you know. Recording is so,so but because it's live it just has an emotional involvment that can't be denied. It's not always about great recordings you know. Hearing this great old standby redone is a delight! Buy it! You wont regret it.
Pfreak, do doubt (IMO). i read where a few of the original session players are on the album. the band is killer esp the fiddle player. i'm enjoying it again tonite. van is one of those lifetime treaures, isn't he?
Pehare,Yes it's great!!. The music was always great anyhow. I love the fact that Van just re-did the whole cd live for us! It's truly one CD that I'll be listening to for years. As I sit and listen, it's almost as if I've never heard it before. The fiddle player is exceptional. Makes this classic so much better.
I read about this on Amazon recently.

I think I'll have to check it out. Astral Weeks is a classic and a mesmerizing recording! It will be interesting to hear how Van has brought it up to date.
Why is it that on almost any live album people in the audience have to "let themselves be heard" during a quiet passage. It drives me nuts and takes away any intimacy that might be.
I know old Van has put on weight, but does he have to sing while chewing his food?

I cant understand what he is singing.
I have to say. I've talked to other audiophiles concerning this cd. It seems that a lot of "so called music lovers" don't like the new version because it's live. Well, all I can say about that is Bull@$&t! If your only into studio recordings that have no audience (which I like both) then you're not a music lover at all! Music is about involvement and if a little audience noise bothers you then your just a gear head.
I have no problem with the live recording,good live recordings are priceless.
But dont you think he is slurring the words waaayyyy too much?
"then you're not a music lover at all!"

I'll probably regret not remaining silent, but this and similar statements that admonish others as not being "true (whatever),for having different preferences is...what's the word I'm looking for...oh yes, perfect: "Bull@$&t!"
Hmmm. I like Van but not when he gets too sloppy.
Yea, Van's a little sloppy. But I can make out his lyrics better than Jimmy Hendrix or some of the old Mick Jagger stuff and I like them too. I just think if you don't want to hear any other sounds (audience,coughing, hoots, hollars) Then why go listen to live music! Live music is still where it's at. Willie Nelson was here in Boone NC last Feb. and the crowd was annoying. Children were playing and people were drunk, some even were lighting up those left handed cigs. Imagine that at a Willie Nelson show! Well, oh Willie played for three hours and it went by like 10 minutes. That never happens in the comfort of my home listenig room with all my fancey rig. Although sometimes it's very close. Great show!
Philefreak, I couldn't agree with you more, that live music is where it's at; but not because of coughing, hoots,and hollers, but in spite of them. Besides, in your first post, you weren't comparing a live event with a studio recording, you were talking about the recording of a live event, which is no more live that a studio recording. I will grant you that an enthusiastic audience can inspire a great performance.
Bought the CD and loved it. Then, today the DVD arrived....It has an audio setup for "Dolby Surround" but does not say 5.1 Dolby Surround. My sub is silent. Unfortunately, I think the DVD is 5.0 and I am a bit disappointed as it could use a low frequency foundation.

For those who also own the DVD...anyone else picked up on the lack of an LFE track?