New Quicksilver Set Mono Amplifier

I just visited the Quicksilver home page, they have a new amp, must be pretty new, no hits when googled. It is a SET mono pair, 9 watts per channel using KT88 tubes, can also use EL34, 6550, 6L6's per Quicksilver practice. $2800. I use Quicksilver amps to biamp my Meadowlark Osprey speakers, a pair of Silver 60's and Mono 60's. I 'm quite happy with them. Have been curious about SET's, high efficiency speakers, so now there is a new possiblity. Not many SET amps use pentode, tetrode tube types, lookiong forward to a review.
I have built quite a few SET amps in the last couple of months and I just love them , Mine have been #45 and 2A3 amps , but I would be up for building any kind .....I use mine with some Klipsch Heresy speakers that I rebuilt for that purpose, but I have hooked them up to my Wilson's..The #45 amp is about 1.75 watts and the 2a3's about 3-4 watts.....Will