New Quicksilver New Audible Illusions Preamps

Quicksilver has just come out with a new full function preamp priced at $3200. Not input or ouputs for tape decks which I would miss but the Quicksilver has everything else. Also Audible Illusions 3A has been upgraded to the 3B. Has anyone heard these preamps? I'm running Quicksilver amps now but the Audible Illusions has been a good match for a very long time. It's one or the other for me. Any thoughts? I'm running with Vandersteens.
What is the difference between the 3A and 3B ?
Yes, Audible Illusions has upgraded the M3A to the 3B. It's the first major revision to the design in almost 10 years. However there won't be a formal announcement until we have completed the initial production run. Sonically the difference between the 3A and new B version, the 3B has much improved dynamics and resolution of low-level detail. I always thought the 3A had excellent resolution but the 3B is definately better. Regards, Jerry/AI Tech.
Jcus- Will there be an upgrade program for those of us who have the M3A?
Yes, we plan on offering M3A owners the opportunity to upgrade their preamplifiers. Suggest you contact us in apx. 90 days. Regards, Jerry/AI Tech.
Jcus- Very cool. Thanks!
Quicksilver may have a reference preamp in this new redesign of their full function preamp. But Audible Illusions has been making reference class A preamps for over 25 years. That's quite a track record...