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So, I bit the bullet and have Qobuz going for one month now. The Studio version, not the topmost tier. I cancelled Tidal because I wasn't happy with MQA sound and the relentless marketing of music I detest. I like Qobuz very much. The sound quality at all levels is outstanding IMO.  My only gripe is I can't organize my favorite albums by artist and for now I'm stuck with "date added" listing when streaming through a Lumin T2. Qobuz says they are working on this. On my phone or laptop, using just the Qobuz app, I can display albums alphabetically by Artist.  Via my phone, in the car, I have no dropout issues. When downloading Qobuz albums to my iPhone the download time is significantly faster than with Tidal. Finally, the Qobuz platform seems pretty stable and the music offered is sufficient.
I was a beta tester for Qobuz and have been requesting this sort by artist capability since I started testing earlier this year. I know they are working on the API but have been unable to get a completion date.

I previously emailed Aurender and they are patiently waiting for Qobuz to release their API instructions. I also do not know how long it will take Lumin, Innuos, Aurender, etc. to implement the Qobuz API. I am adding more favorites to Qobuz and sort options by artist name, etc. will make it much easier for me to find the album I want.

See response below from Qobuz Customer Support:

“Thanks for your follow up email. We are still working with our partners to deploy our new API. I don’t have a firm date of the deployment for you. However, I can say that we are getting closer to the finish line. I would say to check back within the month”.

This means, I hope, Qobuz is getting close to releasing their API to their 3rd partners. I have no additional info on how long it will take for Aurender, Lumin, Innuos, etc. to update their software with the new API.

Now we wait.

I have Qobuz and love the SQ and the number of hi-res titles in the jazz library.  I also have Tidal and would drop it in a second if Qobuz would introduce a family plan. 
I am interested  in Qobuz as well as I have heard that it has best Classical quality and selection.

Can hi quality files be streamed seamlessly if internet speed on my PC peaks at 5 mbs? Is a PC needed?
  • I don’t know the answer Recluse. I do know if you email Qobuz you get a pretty fast response
Thanks for the conversation. I am about to upgrade my system with a streamer and was curious about Quboz. Looks like a popular company amongaudiophiles
I have both Qobuz and Tidal. Qobuz is what I use at home. Tidal is probably getting dropped soon. My issue with Qobuz is there isn't enough Hi Res albums with the groups I listen to most. Most of my music is rock and some heavy rock. I also wished we had the option to have it automatically play the highest res file of a song available. This would make my playlist that much better. I'm to lazy to go through and do this manually. As for me I use a computer right now to play over my system and have to use a program called Jump to control it from my Lazyboy. Was considering a streamer but I'm not sure the quality of sound will be that much better and then of course which one to buy. 
I had Qobuz and Tidal.  I dropped Qobuz because Tidal has a better selection of music that I like (old school R&B and Jazz).  Tidal also has a military discount and Qobuz doesn't.  I like MQA and Qobuz Hi Res doesn't sound any better to my ears.
I live in the Caribbean and many streaming services are geo-restricted, so my choices were limited. I started with Deezer. I enjoyed it for a while. I liked how it integrated with Shazam. It was simple to identify music and have instant access to a decent resolution of a song and the ability to easily sample more of a given artist.

I eventually dropped Deezer for Qobuz because the former doesn’t integrate with Roon. I like music period and try not to get too caught up in genres, specific artists or resolution. Qobuz offers a fairly decent mix of everything. The Roon integration is awesome as it allows me to seamlessly blend my CD collection (ripped to 16/44 flac) with Qobuz’ offerings.

I have the "CD quality" subscription and have no complaints. I’m probably not the best source for SQ recommendations though, as I’m a techie and did some human biology studies, so I know there ain’t no magic. I’m just grateful that my 53 year old ears still allow me to enjoy music, sweet music.

@three_easy_payments: I hear ya on the family plan wish for Qobuz. I would jump on that in a heartbeat. I have 6 kids and I’m tickled pink at how much my 3 year old already appreciates music.

@recluse, my DSL download speed max is 6 megabits, and in practice is usually around 5.5 - sometimes less. So far, after about a month, I have not had any trouble streaming hi res files from Qobuz. I do occasionally have a problem streaming movies, caused by the unreliable service provided by my phone company (Frontier), and I expect they will eventually interrupt my Qobuz streaming too. But to answer your question, 5 megabits per second should be sufficient for hi res files. 
I am in the 1st week of my trial period with Qobuz. While I do like the SQ and selection, I have 1 issue. Several days ago I got a 'welcome to Qobuz email from Sebastien' saying he will be my "special contact for any questions I may have"....well I did have a few questions. I replied to his email asking about the iphone app and if there was a tutorial on how to use it with Apple Carplay in my car.....I got no response. I have an iphone Xs with max storage so I could download songs/albums with the Qobuz app and play them in my car via a USB cable. Does anyone have any experience using the Qobuz iphone app for this purpose? Any suggestions? Thank you.
I go back and forth between both but prefer Tidal because they have more of artists I like within their hip/hop, jazz, soul, blues and electronic categories.
I'm very pleased with the SQ and performance of Qobuz. I did trials of Deezer and Tidal and since I listen to classical music, I chose Qobuz which has the deepest catalogue. The hires sounds terrific. Admittedly, it is lacking in the rock genre.

Considering that Qobuz has only been available in the US for a few months and is adding songs every day, I'm impressed.