New PX300B from Genelex Gold Lion

Can anyone compare the new Genelex PX300B tube to either Svetlana 300B's, Western Electric 300B's, Sophia 300B mesh plates,newer KR300B tubes or Electro Harmonix 300B's.

From my experience the Svetlanas sound a lot like the Western Electric 300B reissues. New KR300b's are better than the older KR VV32B's, KR VV300B's or KR VV302B's and all the above are better than Electro Harmonix 300B's

My Sophia Mesh Plates sounded very good in my Manley Retros but after several listening sessions I put them back in their boxes because the bias kept changing at the recommended setting. Whenever I get around to it I'm going to compare them to others in one of my self biasing amps.

Thanks in advance,
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I think the sound of any 300B tube will be more dependant upon the amplifier circuit and the tubes driving it than anything else.

With that being said, I had a brief audition of a Don Allen 300B stereo amplifier. We first listened to it with TJ Mesh (truthfully punched plate) and the sound was muffled, unclear, and not enjoyable. We then put in the Gold Lion 300B and it sounded like a completely different amp. The sound was clear, dynamic, rich, and very enjoyable. It was completely transformed. I'm sorry, but I can't recall what the driving tubes were.

We then listened to a Wavac Md300b stereo integrated amp with the Gold Lions. Again, very nice sounding with that tube. This amp was even more dynamic, had more weight, better resolve and both frequency extremes and even more enjoyable to listen too than the Don Allen amp. Completely different design though. We did not try the TJ Mesh in the Wavac that day.

At the price, I think the Gold Lions are definately worth trying.
Has anyone compared the New PX300B from Genelex Gold Lion to the Electro Harmonix gold 300B and care to share their thoughts on the differences good or bad?